Maas confirmed as starter

Coach Taffe confirms Maas the starter for the foreseeable future! Finally a voice of reason and a statement of trust from the man who most knows what will make this team win. Thank you.

WE hope!!

"I went over and talked to Jason and said 'I'm not taking you out because I'm displeased with you, I just believe the game is out of reach and we need to get this guy (Chang) some playing time, and get him some work," Taaffe said.

LOL. Easy to please. No. Charlie doesn't have the nerve to even be displeased with Maas. Well, Sorry Charlie. I'm am very displeased, let me be perfectly blunt.

What Charlie says goes, if he thinks Maas is the man then so be it. Am I disappointed in the way we started? Yes. But CT is a great guy and knows what he is talking is the time you believe in your coach (who seemed 2 be very highly touted coming into this position) and rally behind him and his decision. :wink:

Thank you I agree 100%

He may be confirmed as the starter, but it doesn't mean that the leash hasnt been shortened.
So does Maas make it to the 4th quarter this time? I say he doesnt....

It is obvious to me after Saturday nights loss to Calgary that the Ti-Cats really need to re-think their quarterback issue...Jason Maas has had plenty of time to impress the fans and has not done so...
Charlie Taffe now stands by Maas as his No.1 QB...Perhaps it is time that the Mr. Desjardins has a talk with Taffe about the QB situation.
If nothing is done, then we will no doubt see a repeat of last years performance and the Ti-Cats will be an easy win for the rest of the league...

I dunno...I'm as bummed about the game as anyone, but lets face's game one!
New coach, a boatload of new faces...hell, even I'm willing to cut the guy some slack.

The only play that really made my blood boil was the lateral to Ralph. No idea how that play was even called in the first place. I'd have preferred to see Maas step back and punt. Would've made more sense.

Other than that, I just thought we got pounded by a very good team.

Now, if Maas struggles early against the Argos...I'd hope that Chang would come in. Otherwise you'll hear my booing from the endzone for sure.

Game one for sure, and that was an excellent team in the Stamps.

New coach, a boatload of new faces
And nothing at all changed !!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... BOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ... !!!!!!!

i hope maas is on a very short leash because he dossnt deserve to start. and derubemi can you lose that pic or make it smaller it messes up the website

i hope maas is on a very short leash because he dossnt deserve to start.
Best point ever !!

Charlie Taafe two time Coach of the Year, me, never Coached pro football. My opinion valued but uneducated, Charlie's opinion the one that counts. If Jason Maas cannot throw deep Charlie Taafe is not a great judge of talent or medical records. If Jason Maas can follow a game plan and occasionally throw deep as directed by Charlie Taafe will make this team competitive in both the short and long term. Give it three games minimum everybody then see where we are.

Mass is QB and I support that 100%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Glad to see Charlie and gang doing what they want and not letting puffed up armchair QB fans dictate what they do!!!!!!!!!!!

They are all the experts don't ya know.

I to was a little upset with the endzone call but how many times do you have to be told that Maas is NOT calling plays so why blame him??????
Even if it was a bad call Brock Ralph dropped another ball !!!!!!

We lost.....we lost big time.....get over it and lets move onto the Argos.
They have some issuses of their own in the QB slot, this game we know we can win and I think we will with Maas in the pocket! No one pust his heart into the game like Jason!!!

I for one am looking forwad to seeing Zeke and Setta play live in a real game.
Also seing Mass go deep a few times, and he will.
Curry , Jo Jo , and Alston I'd like to see more too, and even French. These guys looked exiting to me so far. ( Ralph I hope sits this one out lol ).

Anyway ya look at it I can't wait for the 7th and the 14th as two weekends of live football is TOP'S in my book!!!!!!

Cheers and good luck to Maas!!!!!!!!!!!!

In an ALL THINGS EING EQUAL situation ... this really is a NO BRAINER ... with all the NEW Factors in the team equation - it is ONLY NATURAL for the cliched (but true) phrase "time to gel" to apply ...

I guess Charlie T. BELIEVES, CONTRARY to Matt Dunnigan's observations, that Maas is NOT Injued.

Charlie, contrary to the observations of ALL 4 of the TSN "Sports Reporters", BELIEVES that Maas' injury is in the PAST and is of no CONSEQUENCE to this Season ...


Good luck, Jason. Just keep GELLIN'.


Great another Loss!!!

We will get killed agian, mark my words, so long as Maas is our QB, then we will be in the basement!

Is this a case of Maas earning the big bucks so he is the #1 guy? For the life of me, I don't know what it will take for the cat brass to see that the guy can't get the job done. If the arm was hurt last year, it must still be hurt. As others have posted, Maas cannot throw the long ball. Throwing from side-line to side-line isn't going to win games. How can Maas not move the "O" for three quarters and then the kid with no experience steps in and moves the ball down field? The cats "O" will continue to struggle and the "D" will continue to spend too much time on the field - unless the brass face the facts.