maas blew his chances, start the search with Shaun King

i’ve been patient til this point, but it has run out now…Maas has had 11 games or so to prove to Hamilton that he’s worth it, and he’s clearly provedhe’s NOT … Desjardins, let’s get going on a replacement…begin with Shaun King who was just terminated by the Colts…he’s apparently on our Neg. list so let’s negotiate…if not King, let’s get on someone else!! Eakin isn’t the man i don’t think, however Richie Williams deserves a better shot at least, give him a few reps…the big thing here is,let’s get movin!

or drew henson...

Being a Dallas Cowboy fan as well, I say NO NO NO to Drew Henson, he would be a waste of time and energy.