Maas as a Mentor?

Another business analogy for my friend the Caretaker...

You've got this hot-shot young salesman, great College performance, just getting his feet wet in your industry, but with a bit of experience in similar industries.

Would you assign this guy to be trained by an older, dispirited, underperforming sales rep who can't close deals any more (closed only 5 of the last 24 attempts) and will eventually or immediately be fired if the young man is successful?

Just food for thought...

You know pred , Jason Maas has nothing to prove to anyone ,especially a backseat football fan like you , who only sees one position on the field and figures if they lose it`s ALL HIS FAULT .

Ive watched Maas help his team to win a Grey Cup . He came off the bench and stole a win in 2 playoff games leading up to the big game . He has nothing to prove to the likes of you my friend . If asked on the sideline Chang would be silly as hell to not listen . Also if Maas is neeeded on the field he`ll the guy to win the game for us .

How about bringing in DMac as an advisor/emergency qb if Maas departs for whatever reason? I don't know if Charlie and Maas get along or what but an idea anyway.

Danny Mac is RETIRED!!!!!!!!!!!
So is Khari Jones!!!!!!!!!!

Give it up people!!!!!!!!

I think the point is he came off the bench to win those games. Some guys do better in that role ( I think back to Don Macpherson replacing Damon Allen). Also if I remember correctly he (Maas) didn't get into the Grey Cup game that year.

This year he has had one good game, most recently he cost us points (all by himself) last game inside on a fumble inside the 5 and missing a wide-open Radelin for a TD the play after fumbling the snap from the 3.

Maybe we start with Chang and Maas will be less stressed and better equipped to come on in relief if needed.

I don't care how it gets done as long as we get a win.

I agree Dave but lets not forget A HOST OF PLAYERS MADE MISTAKES THIS SEASON !!!