Maas' Arm

Replace Maas with Eakin and that quote makes every bit as much sense. Maybe more.

Which is precisly nowhere that matters right now. I agree wholeheartedly that Eakin should get more live game experience than he is likely to get on Lancaster's team, but I'm not expecting the second coming when he steps on the field either.

Maybe you're right... but I don't see anything other than frustration and hope to back that up...

I hear your passion Habman (you and I are a lot alike....even though we think opposite at times)......but hear me out.......this franchise can not afford to rationalize failure anymore.....we need to win and the front office has supplied the resources and tools to do, we need coaches who have the guts to use those tools!.......and right now, the situation absolutely begs to insert Kevin Eakin.......I'm not a coach but that was painfully obvious to me over a month ago......and I posted it! (even though I was laughed at)


Maas through for 5,000 yds a few seasons ago what has Eakin done ??? You sound like a broken record , the same as last season and you were wrong then and your wrong now .

Let the coaches coach the team and get behind Maas . He through for over 300 yds last game the same as Calvillo . Give us Edwards runnin gyardage and Montreal ours and we win . 18 games is a long season Eakin will get his chance .

It`s too bad when we win Friday you wont be able to enjoy it with Mass at the helm .

Habman, I was looking forward to a good, spirited debate with you.....sorry....gotta back out now as it turned non-friendly...

At any rate, any time my Tiger-Cats win, I rejoice!......(however they do it)!'s been that way for over 30 years for me!.....Go Cats!

Ya thats what you always say . I came up with what I thought were very good points about Jason Maas as a QB for Hamilton . You came up with none and your going on and on about Eakin and how he should be starting . As i said you did the same last year with Brady . Brady got his chance and he did nothing . Eakin will get his chance . Lets see what he does . In the meantime .....

Why cant you get behind the offence ??? At no point was I not friendly, I was making valid points about the teams record and Jason Maas and his carreer .

I am another one that would like to see Eakin get some game time. Even if only for a few series per game. Work on a few special plays for him and use him for situational plays. What would happen if Maas suffered the same fate as Spurgeon Wynn tonight or Damon Allen in Game one ??? We would have a back-up coming in to replace Maas that hasn't played a down yet.

I am bouyed by how the Wussycats have turned into Pussycats and now may seemed poised to turn into Tigercats. They are getting better after every game and competing at a higher level. Having said that, we need a punter who can hit for more than the mid-30's on a kick. As another poster said Why not try Myers ??? He can't do worse !!! Tonights game had the Argos picking up an extra 10-11 (on average) yards on every posession change. We need better and deserve to see better.

We all (as much as we have been bred and taught to dislike anything belonging to the double blue ArogSnots) must also in our hearts and prayers wish the best for Wynn. It was a horrific helmut to helmut shot that he took and the last time I had the same gut feeling is when a hush came over IWS as Joe Haggins had his career ended and exited in a similar unresponsive manner. All CFL players put their bodies and future health on the line for we the spectator week after week in the name of entertainment and aren't really that well compensated for such a risk that could affect the rest of their lives.

As CFL fans we should all hope for good clean competitive games. Since helmut to helmut hits are supposed to be illegal I'd like to know why nothing was called on the play but then again how many times has Maas gotten hit after the play and nothing is called, but if our D is already in motion and can't stop, its still a penalty. I think our Zebras still need to pick it up a bit on top of last years improvement. Or maybe the other teams suppliment their income more (just kidding, I hope).

Onto Friday and a KO of Winterpeg if the Cats can play with the same entusiam and at the same level. Lets pack the stadium and cheer them on.


I have noticed that Maas ,on long passes throws the ball very early in the route and therefore the receiver doesn't have much separation.An half second longer and the receiver would be in the clear for a td.

Pardon me mikey for focussing on this one point you addressed
frankly the rest of what you said sickens me no end.

You and Ken Peters..two peas in a pod.

John Salavantis commented on this situation on the radio.

He said that the reason that Kevin didn't end up coming on the field

may have simply been
that the play had been whistled in
and players aren't allowed to come in after that.

If that was the only reason Kevin didn't come in,

the blame can not be placed solely on
your new whipping boy, Jason Maas.


of course in order to do that (throw the ball a half second later) he'd need another half second of protection from the Oline. he hasn't been getting that... why would Eakin?

Ever notice on all of his long completions Maas has taken some nasty contact (ex: long throw to Kamau last game, and a couple two games ago against Calgary... like that shot to his knee.)

its all well and good to tell him to wait another half second, but if he does he'll be on his back a lot more. with the ball...

and that kiddies is called a sack.

Then why did you defend and rationalize Boreham's failures so vehemently?

Because Mikey likes to flip flop on issues and hear the sound of his own voice.

Anybody that disagrees with his opinion or offers a valid argument or asks a valid question is according to him attacking him or not being friendly.

Do you see his pattern here?

Any post now he'll announce he's going to cut the grass or talk about the latest person he spoke to at the stadium.


Here we go again, Lancaster is stubborn, Eakin is the future.

Ron you are correct, i was unaware of the rule... The whistle DID go and Eakin took the headset off and Maas waived back Cavil AND Eakin. I remember thinking that the play clock was moving and perhaps there wasnt enough time to make the switch, but what you are saying is correct. THey could not make the change because the playclock had started.

Maas was 31-41 for 375? Threw some very good balls down the middle and some nice deep balls to Kamau and Brock. He isnt the first person to miss a reciever that was open deep.

Mikey, Why wont you just get behind the players that are playing? Where's the continuity going to be? We cant just change QB's for the heck of it. Maas has played well this year...

  • 1st in the league in Attempts
  • 3rd in the league in Comp %
  • 3rd in the league in Yards

His other stats arent as appealing, TD's are low (how many times has our rushing game been stuffed inside the 5).

Why dont we look at some of the real problems on this team, Like an awful Offensive Line and Non-Existant running game? How about suggesting what to do about the real problems on this team rather than creating other ones to satisfy your ego?

Also, Why are so many of your favourite players Backup QB's?

  • Brady
  • Jones
  • Eakin

Maas IS the leader of this team and IS going to play until he falters, He engineered many good drives the other night.

Perhaps he should be calling his own plays.

We could take Mikey's McManus posts and replace them with Maas, they would look the same.

One great game? It takes more than that to prove it in the CFL. Maas has been able to move the ball against every team we've played - the guy is third in yardage despite the short passing game, and has a great completion percentage. The mistakes have not all been his.

No-one has noticed because, unless you have a crystal ball or something, we don't know how we'll play against Winnipeg yet.

Blatant stubborness has been the downfall of many forum posters too. :wink:

It didnt take long for Mikey to take shots at Lancaster.

Funny thing is that had we of WON 41-38 Mikey wouldnt be asking for Eakin, instead 31-40 would be great. How it isnt in a losing cause is beyond me.

Love to hear the squeals if someone called for Eakin to be benched if he put up the same numbers as Maas did last game.
With those stats they'd be petitioning the league to make Eakin player of the week if not the month.

I thought that this should be mentioned again. There needs to be some cosistancy in calling "Roughing the passer" penalties. IIRC, Sean Millington made a similar comment two weeks ago, and Greg Frers gave him a nudge, nudge, wink, wink warning about "biased officials".

Or if Eakin put those numbers and lost the game blame would just be shifted to Lancaster, its an easy pattern to follow.

It didnt take long for Mikey to take shots at Lancaster.
Not on your life......I love having Ron around the organization....and if a change of coaches was going to be made, it was very clever to have Ron take over.....

I sooooooooo want this year to be successful for Ron, the team and us.....

Yeah, I can post my opinions as we all do but in the end, it's Ron's call.......and rightfully so.....

besides, Ron's a funny guy and cracks me up all the time! (believe it or not!) :wink:

He knows it's just us passionate fans "ranting"....he rants too as a matter of fact......hahaha

Relax everyone!.....we're all fans!

.....blatant stubbornness (football side) to acknowledge the truth has been the downfall of this team for many, many years......other teams correct the obvious and move on!
Who is this directed towards then?

You made it very clear in the past that Lancaster's refusal to take out Danny Mac is the reason that we lost so many games and didnt move forward.

Now Lancaster is in charge of the "football side" on the field like you say, yet you arent directing it towards him?? Please.

Understand that criticizing the football decisions is a direct shot at Lancaster, he is the head coach.

Says you...

Anyhow, time to slip that ole "Elephant Skin" on..... :wink: