Maas' Arm

Through most of the season thus far Maas has been throwing short almost exclusively.After watching the Al's game Maas seemed to have difficulty throwing the long ball.The couple he did complete didn't carry very far.The receivers basically had to wait for the ball.His desperation throw at the end was very short.Has anyone heard if Maas has arm problems?

I know on the final play of the game, Eakin was coming into the game only to have Maas waive him back.

Eakin could have thrown that ball closer to the endzone for sure.

Now after 1/3 of our season has past all the questions and doubts about Jason have really made me think.

Why does the smartest CFL organization let go of a player so easily and for so little?

I think Hugh Cambell knew Maas's shoulder was not up to snuff and not getting any better and got what they could get in a deal at the time. So this explains the logic for the Esks letting him go to Hamilton.

I hope I am wrong and I hope your arm is fine Jason and you have a productive remaining season.

Go Cats

This is shades of Khari Jones last season ... has this organization ever heard of a PHYSICAL EXAMINATION ?

Right after they find NEW PUNTER, perhaps Katz and Co. could look for a competent MEDICAL STAFF.


P.S - I am truly AMBIVALENT where Maas is concerned ... he is good enough to keep, and NOT GREAT enough to trade.

I wish this organization had the BALLS to take a risk with Eakin ... but, as is the case with sooooo much in sport and life - the least travelled path remains so for want of COURAGE and FORSIGHT.

Our Medicals or physicals here in the CFL are nothing compared to the NFL just like the drug policies.

We have guys here playing that cannot pass a NFL Medical and that is the only reason they are here.

It's all about the dollars

Too costly for our league to enforce and loose a good player that is borderline

I’m no expert on “bow-hunting” or “archery” but these two articles have me thinking…

click here

click here

Maybe it’s something the Ticat medical staff may want to look at? :?

I don’t know a thing about Jason’s shoulder and his actual ability to throw but the subject seems to be coming up repeatedly now… :roll:

Great Mikey now everyone knows he likes to Bow Hunt

That’s common knowledge around the league…in fact it was a feature story about Jason in the media when he came to the Ticats…

It just struck me!....

If Eakin was on his way in, I assume Coach Lancaster signalled him to go in!......

Who is Maas to send Eakin back?....if Maas is ordered out, he comes out...end of story!....just like every other member of the Ticats.....

so much for this 'new-found' team discipline eh?..... :roll:

This QB situation has got to be addressed seriously....."we're gellin" doesn't cut it anymore....we need a leader at QB and now!....not two months from now.....if Maas is hurt, then let's hear it......and make the adjustments....something is seriously screwey here and it's hurting this franchise like a bad virus......this bizarre loyalty to Quarterbacks who clearly can't lead the team is destroying all the hard work behind the scenes......Maas was hired to produce!....not to be a "project".....

Get Eakin's butt in there for the rest of the season!......I submit that if he had been our starter since day one like I suggested at the start of the season (and was laughed at), we'd be at least 3-2 and he would now be a seasoned CFL starter....and not a "project"......

I don't dis-like Maas at all......I just love this franchise more!........and I want us to be the best we can be given the tools that we have......which is why I didn't rail against Myers at all...he's here so let's use him!..let's be our best!

sheesh! :roll:

Go Cats Go! :slight_smile:

No mikey your of the " backeup is always better crowd " You did it last season with Brady and now your starting again with Eakin . Maas is the starter, you better get used to it .

Its not his fault they have no running game and putting Eakin in will not change that for a second . He doesnt cover on wide field goals and he doesnt block on the punt team either . If all they players played as hard as he does wed be in much better shape !!!!!!

Maas is the starter, you better get used to it .
oh least I know the final decision now...better than watching Eakin being ordered back to the bench by Maas while hoping....

I digress..... :thup:

Mikey if it was an issue it would of been reported by that dork Peters .

You obviously have no reply to the blocked punts and fake punts and wide field goal returns . Maybe Eakin can block on the punt team ????? Cause unless Maas is hurt or we are way behind or ahead he aint coming in !!!!!

Cause unless Maas is hurt or we are way behind or ahead he aint coming in !!!!!
Even John Salavantis seems to be scratching his head lately as to why we haven't used Eakin..he seems to acknowledge that something is amiss....

know why?...cause he wants this team to succeed as do I!.....not to play political games with coaches and quarterbacks!..........Maas ain't winning or leading! (that's a fact)........We have Eakin!.....Use him! (for the sake of this franchise!)

is this rocket science?...I think not....

HARD TO BELIEVE that Kevin Eakin # 3 QB for the NY JETS is back up to Jason Maas who was back up for Ricky Ray # 4 QB of the New York Jets.

Should'nt that make Jason # 5

I hear what you're saying.....but I was shocked a few weeks ago when Scott Radley responded to questions about Kevin Eakin on a local radio talk show.....he stated in no uncertain terms that people must understand that it is better that Maas loses every game of the season than for Eakin to come in and win one......even Jamie West (host of the show) almost choked but Radley was firm on the way it works........

I have watched closely since that show and haven't said much, but the statement recently from the coaching staff that Maas is our QB and Eakin will not get in and has never been considered has me scratching my head too....

Start Eakin!! (even though you're 5 or 6 games too late)

While I agree that:
a) a team should, situationally, use all of its weapons
b) Lancaster is a "unless he gets carried off in a stretcher, the starter plays"-type coach to a fault
c)Maas doesn't seem to be 100% in terms of arm strength

...your criticism of Maas is IMO a bit over the top. The Cats are player tighter every week and have played a very good Als team close. I have no complaints about the way Maas led the offense Thursday night.

Not Going to Happen Ronnie has Said this Mikey

They Traded for Mass.. He Start H*ll or High Water

I think Maas is potentially a great starter.......but we can't afford a "project" this year.....Eakin is a proven starter everywhere he has been.....Maas is being paid to produce now.....not in game 14........I like the guy but where is the "tough football decisions" that we have been recently told about??"

In case no-one has noticed, the Winnipeg defence will slaughter Maas......we need Eakin to start to even have a chance!

.....blatant stubbornness (football side) to acknowledge the truth has been the downfall of this team for many, many years......other teams correct the obvious and move on!

So it seems Scott Radley and I are right.....Eakin will not be put in no matter what.....

that's comforting.... :roll:

(seriously, I know I'm ranting here in this I missing something to do with winning?) :cry:

Your forgettting that without Maas there is no way Edmonton wins the Grey Cup last season . How soon they forget .

You people are starting the same old crap as last season . Brady is not playing AGAIN this season and Danny is, albeit in a backup role . If he was as bad as you people said he was would he be the backup in Calgary ???

Maas plays hard and led the team down the field on numerous drives last game and i`ll say it again WITH NO RUNNING GAME AND BLOCKED PUNTS AND FAKE PUNTS AS WELL AS A WIDE FIELD GOAL RETURN !!

How many of these types of things did Calvillo have to deal with ???? Yet we still only lost on the last play of the game . Change QBS I think not !!!!