Maas apologizes to fans.......I say no need to.

I see in today's Spectator that Jason Maas has apologized to fans for "flipping the bird" to somebody behind the bench last game.....well, that's all well and good and kudos to him for "owning" this one but I really can't blame him one bit if the stories I'm hearing are true as to how brutal some people are back there. It must be noted that he said he was focussing on one person only who in my mind probably deserved it....

It's one thing to join in the general chorus of booooos but I still can't wrap my head around why someone would directly harrass or try to communicate with a player on the bench during a game......yeah, maybe next time it's best if Jason walks away and ignores it, but I say we give him a pass on this one.

By the way, Jason had a great practice yesterday and threw a picture perfect long bomb for a touchdown into the end zone. A beautiful catch also by the receiver. (I won't name the receiver in case the Argooos are reading this)

Eakin also threw a beautiful deep one too....

Cream those Argos! :rockin:

.....oh yah, here's the article from the Spec I was mentioning:

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i agree mikey. obviously maas has to learn to control his emotions but some fans can be right disgusting and offensive with their personal comments. i agree that buying a ticket allows you some rights as a fan but maas is a man first and a football player second. i dont think he will let this happen again.

Thanks for the article Mikey! :thup:

For The Record apologizing dose not go far Enough... Too Little too late
to Gain My Respect
He should be a Pro before That...
It just not the Flipping of Bird to People in Box J . Who are some of the Greatest Fans in Hamilton.
That has me mad at Him

if it was just that One Thing I'd
forgiven Jason.
Cause it was a Bad Day for him.
It more then That
This man has been Rude to little Kids
People in Wheel Chairs..
Who Just Want Meet The New QB of Our Beloved Football Team.. Have somthing Signed.

If this is what we got From Edmonton
We got
Danny Would Never Done this..
God I miss him..
Danny had Class
maas Dose not have Any

He shouldn't have done it but it happened and, not much you can do. One good game at home and it's all good again.

Found This from Marty York Today ..
Trash but funny to read..

here are rumblings, strong ones, that the Hamilton Pussy-Cats are trying to trade their beleaguered quarterback, Jason Maas.

If true, this is a typically unwise move by the Pussy-Cats. What I mean is -- why attempt to trade your marquee player when he's never been worse and when his market value has never been lower?

Why not wait to see if he can return to a semblance of his old self? That's when the Cats would get something valuable for him.

Or is it that they're just trying to get rid of his contract?

regardless if a fan acted bad or not Jason Maas is supposed to be professional.

So bottom line act professional.

you have great fans and every city has their group of fans that you wish would just go away.

Maas will be a great QB for us. Hopefully Ron can restore some senseabiltiy to our offence and utilize all the talent we have.

I heard he also rips the heads off kittens and drinks their blood

And sets fire to local day care centres

Not sure what goes on down at your end of Box J. It's funny how any player that directs anything towards the fans always happens there.

better watch it the mods with a power trip of lock control will be here in a second no names mentioned

I try not to judge.... but that's just plain wrong. :cowboy:

Seriously though, ExPat has a point about hearsay. And being rude is different than just not signing autographs. If the latter is before a game I understand. Some athletes can do it, others are so intense into getting mentally prepared, fans shouldn't even try to ask for their autographs. I think Maas definitely falls into that category, the man is intense.

Tuck wrote:

the man is intense
Which is great but sometimes it's best to just lay off the intensity a tad and gather yourself together to get the job done. If he does this, he will be a better athlete I think and person as long as he keeps the intensity up enough for him to get it done. Right now, he is a tad too intense I think.

Funny how only guys in skirts feel this way. i know alot people who sit in a lot of different sections and it is offencive that you think you are the best fans.

he seems to do "the flip" every game. I thought someone would have had a talk to him by now about this.

Mikey , I hate to burst any bubbles here but I believe both long balls , at either ends of the field were by Eakin.

The loss last week was definately a team effort but some "fans" seem to feel the need to personalize it.
We sit in Box J and a "fan" who appearantly didn't have the brain cells to waste on the rye/rum and coke he was drinking in his REDWINGS shirt was screaming insults at Maas to the point of being disgusting. Several of the ladies in the area finally told him to shut up and eventually he did burn out.
The point is, I wonder if any "fan' that crosses the line has ever apologized.

I sort of doubt it monster, some idiotic fans think that they have the right because they have a ticket to the game, anything goes. And if those ladies complained to the staff, I bet he could have been removed from the game as I'm sure tickets say something to the effect that disorderly conduct may result in being removed from the stadium.

Thats probably because Box J is behind the players bench.

When I last checked, OnKnight does not wear a kilt or belong to the Box J Boys. He's just a fan that sits in Box J, like the other fans that sit in Box J.

Strange how winning tends to bring out the better in human beings.