Maas and Holmes to Riders for Joseph and Keith?

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hot rumour around town is that the Riders and Ticats are working on a trade that would send [b]Kerry Joseph and Kenton Keith to Hamilton for Jason Maas and Corey Holmes.[/b] Trouble is, if KK jumps to the NFL, the deal makes no sense for the Ticats. Eric Tillman told me though, that as far as he knows, Kenton has received no offers.
personally, i doubt this will happen ( Tillman isnt stupid ), but i thought i'd post it for ticat fans to discuss.

Personally, I love the concept, drummer god, but I'm not sure it would work if Keith is truly interested in going to the NFL, even though he hasn't had any bites from them yet. The point is that he wants to go, so how long could we hold him as a TiCat.

If a deal like this comes to fruition, I'd like to see long term contracts. Holmes, as good as he is, isn't getting any younger and I'm not sure of Keith's age but the quarterback swap looks great to me.

Joseph is not a playoff QB and Keith is a headcase. Plus, Maas and Holmes are both unselfish team players who can do damage in the playoffs when healthy. This trade simply won't work for Hamilton.

thats funny...HAHAHA...joseph in playoffs 1-1

maas in playoffs...0-1 or possible 1-1 ( can't remember 2001 )

kerry joseph is the cfl's vesion of mike vick, he can rush for 1000 yards, but cant pass in the pocket and cant win you big games, kerry joseph played in his first playoff game last month, and the guy is over 30 years of age, he is on the decline in his career.

kenton keith isnt good enough for the nfl, how can he play in the nfl if he wasnt consistent and odminating in the cfl, plus he is a thug, headcase, and too wild.

All I can say is..."Lord help us!"

Despite the poor play this past season of Maas, and the under-utilization (if that's actually a word) of Holmes...I don't like this trade rumor. Too many negatives (mostly around Keith).

Holmes is a classy guy who when properly used in the offense, is an effective player. Keith??? well...he is a good player, but I wouldn't call him classy.

Hey, I can post a rumour too.

I get the feeling that Tillman doesn't see Keith in their plans and probably Maas wants to be closer to his home and family in Edmonton. I bet something happens here.

delete this post..

you deleted mine yestersday and I wasn't spreading rumours. Just speaking the truth...TICK, TOCK, TICK, TOCK!![/b]

I would never trade Maas for Joseph or Holmes for Keith. I think the Ticats only suffered because they drafted for the future by picking players in the interior that went back to college. Add last year's draft - this year's draft - and a few free agents let go by the Montreal's and other salary cap violators and this is a true contender, not just a playoff team.

I think we should trade Holmes for a #1 receiver, but that's just me.

Why trade Correy he is Triple Threat

WR KR RB.. Not many can do that

I think Desjardins should wait for a new HC to be hired, unless he has already run this trade by Taaffe.

The word integrity comes to mind.

Somehow I can't see Desjardin saying

'Um, you remember that 3 year contract
I got you to sign in September, Corey?

I changed my mind.'

This is a trade rumour I heard at the Winnipeg airport on Tues Nov 21st. It's certainly nothing "NEW".

Nothing would surprise me right now. :roll:

Maybe we already have a coach too...just not announced. Players get signed and then traded all the time!

Nothing would surprise me!

Keep Holmes, trade Lumsden!


I read a subway paper every morning on my way to work, it's called the Metro, and our beloved Marty York has been given a column in it. I read it everyday just to remember how much of a goof this guy is regarding his attitude on Canadian sport.

Well Mr. York must be reading because he just brought up this topic in his daily column today.

I'm so glad Sportsnet turfed this guy.


The only thing I’ll say about Marty is I met him and his wife at a Cats game and found him to be very friendly and cordial in person. I agree his articles are “suspect” at best much of the time but personally, he was a gentleman.

I'm sure Corey would be happy to be going back to Riderville.
It's not like you were trading him to somewhere he isn't worshiped ,bottom line for athletes is do I play and how much $.

I would love to see Kerry Joseph in Hamilton. He's an exciting player that can make things happen.
I would like to have seen him and Josh Ranek back together. It would be fantastic to have potentially three 1,000 yard rushers in the backfield.