maas and his future

you guys are way too funny. just last week all everyone could talk about is how maas is back and how great he was. this came as a surprise to me having read the boards the previous weeks when most were calling for his head. he have come full circle once again. listen maas is not the guy to lead this team. for one he is playing like crap. second you cant have the leader fo your team being a guy that is pouting on the sideline and between plays. you need a man that can step up and perform when hurt. not just play hurt. that doesnt help us. this site is too easy to give praise and to condemn. but in this case maas has had all the time in the world. NEXT

i apologize i just noticed a similar thread was started.

Not all of us jumped on that bandwagon. I may have been the most vocal dissenter but not the lone dissenter