Maas - A slap in the face

In the news today Jason is quoted as saying " Being pulled in the 4th last game was a slap in the face...

Well to Jason Maas where I ask where is that fire in your eyes you had when you played in Edmonton in relief for Ricky the last 3 games. I we haven't seen it here yet this year. Find it cause we need something.


Get on the same page with Paopao, he is your coach.

Maybe a slap in the head, not the face is the answer.

Wake up Jason!!!!!!

I am trying to maintain an OPEN MIND where Maas is concerned ... but the more familiar I become with him the more I think of the SQUARE PEG in a ROUND HOLE analogy.

Call it vibe, energy, intuition - whatever _ I just don't get the sense Maas BELONGS here.

Much like the marriage between Rodman and Electra - this relationship with Maas should be ANULLED.

Start from scratch NEXT SEASON with a new roster.


slap in the face ??????

2-8 is a slap in the face to all the people putting up ticket money to pay his salary !!!!

shape up or ship out !

if any of my employees ever came to work and did as bad of a job as him, I would can them in a heartbeat !!!!!

Simply put, shut up and try and do your job properly !!!! .... for a change !!!!!

He's clearly just frustrated.....I wouldn't hang him for that one statement.

Maybe, as he said in the interview, it's a wake up call and he'll come out guns a-blazing this Saturday....

Jonta Woodard being back may inspire the O-Line again and that may help things measurably.

Man, a big win Saturday would go a long way to take some heat off the team....we need some good ole fashioned breaks to go our way for a change.......can we borrow the "Argo Bounce" for a game? :wink:

No quarterback likes getting pulled when it's a single QB system. If he wasn't peeved somewhat, that would be a cause for concern.

For 2007, I hope a healthy Jason Mass gets to play in a passing game that allows him more than 10 yards per conpletion. That just doesn't get it done.

"Getting on the same page" as Joe Paopao in CFL football playbook terms right now (i.e. results in the passing game)might involve choking hazards with Crayolas, but I digress.

Oski Wee Wee,

now thats a slap in the face lol

For those who actually bothered to read the rest of the article, he also says it’s a big wake-up call.

"It's just a slap in the face to me. That's the way I take it. It woke me up. I know Ronnie is short on patience and he is short on patience with everybody the way we're playing. You know getting shut-out (offensively) the last two games at home and then to lay an egg on the road like that. "Benching me in the fourth quarter, whether I agree with it or not, it's just to me (a signal) that I have to play better otherwise that's going to continue to happen and I don't want it to happen. That's the bottom line. "I know one thing, if I play well I'm not going to get benched in the fourth quarter of any game. That's the way I look at it," he added."
He's a competitor. He has every right to be angry at himself.

EDIT: Here is the Spec article:

Fair enough sigpig.....BUT now it's time to deliver.

Actions, speak louder than words.

Thanks Sigpig but I was quoting from the radio not the paper.

Agteed, tigerrag77.

It is WAY past time for him to produce.

It sounds like one of those "get it together, man!!" slaps in the face, rather than a "you're a filthy pig" slaps in the face. As long as it wasn't a "i challenge you to a duel" slap in the face, then we'll be okay.

The last few games have been continual slaps in the fans faces.

maas needs to shave that silly goatee, get focused, watch more film, work more often after practice to build continuity and rapport with his WRs and Oline.

playmaker88, what the hell do you know what jason does before during or after practice, i for a fact know jason puts 12 to 15 hrs.
a day, jason probably watches more film than most QBs, is trying to keep the recievers after practice working on plays, he’s more frustrated than anyone that this season is not going the way he had hoped. If anyone of you really knew jason the way the article was written is not the way jason said it, yes he’s upset to be pulled, but when he says a slap in the face, he meens a big wake up call. I’m so sick of reading everyone on jason, why is it that our running backs can’t run more than 20yds a game, why do recievers not jump for a ball, or run a little faster instead of giving up on the play, in edmonton jason had 32tds and only 14
ints. I really doubt jason became a horrible
QB in one year, in case you haven’t noticed
we have 11 other players on the offence, I for one know these guys are trying really hard to turn things in the right direction,
and to all of you who are goning to the game to just boo the team, stay home!!!

U r talking about a guy who was selfless in EDM. That man did whatever it took for his team. U wanna talk slap in the face how's this. When Ricky Ray fails Jason just go in & win the game. OK & he did. RR is going to play in the NFL U can start but when he comes back u sit. OK. Give him a yr or 2 with the same teamates & a God Dam OC & the man will shine. Better yet, leave him on your unprotected list next yr & Ottawa will gladly take him. Just my opinion. Cheers !!

there's no question in my mind that Maas is giving everything he's got for this team, however , that's not good enough.
He needs to perform and if that means he sits to heal till next year , so be it.

Jason , if you're listening , you'll be fine but try to cut out the finger salutes and yelling at fans.
We don't like that much when we're loosing. :slight_smile:

Coaches - coach.
Players - play.

PaoPao put together a game plan based on Maas's abilities as a QB. He just hasnt produced. Receivers are running routes downfield, Maas is just often looking off, and electing to go with the safer pass (flats, 10 yard in's over the middle) like he's always done. With no vertical attack, secondaries are setting up in that 10-20 yard zone, giving Maas no where to throw the ball. So what does he do? Instead of trying to stretch the field and open things up, he tries to force the ball into double coverage?!?! :x

Slap in the face?! He deserved to be pulled, and based on his performance to this point, I don't see why he shouldnt be named a "healthy" back-up on Saturday!