M. Wetenhall, MERCI!

M. Wetenhall,

Suite aux décisions courageuses qui ont été prises aujourd'hui par les Alouettes, je tiens en tant que partisant vous témoigner mes remerciements et ma reconnaissance envers vous et votre famille pour la façon dont vous assurez la direction de cette équipe.

Ces gestes difficiles à poser demeurent un témoignage éclatant de l'authenticité du respect que vous avez envers nous, supporteurs des Alouettes, et de votre dévouement à travailler fort à nous offrir une équipe qui peut aspirer aux grands honneurs.

Vous subissez certainement le malheureux ressac de votre engagement vers la qualité et la victoire, ayant fait de nous des supporteurs passionnés et exigeants. C'est certainement plus difficile à porter que des supporteurs indécrottables et toujours en liesse, mais n'est-ce pas aussi cette quête d'excellence qui nous fait donner le meilleur de nous-mêmes?

C'est sans doute la raison pour laquelle les supporteurs des Alouettes, malgré leurs critiques parfois très acérées, conservent la foi en votre engagement et votre passion à livrer sur le terrain une équipe qui soit compétitive.

Nous sommes privilégiés de pouvoir voir notre équipes jouer du très bon football pratiquement à chaque saison et malgré toutes les critiques que nous pouvons exprimer ici comme ailleurs, cela demeure une étrange expression de notre reconnaissance. Soyez assuré que reconnaissance il y a et que tant que les Alouettes témoigneront envers les supporteurs cet engagement vers la qualité et la victoire, même dans des temps difficiles, ils seront au rendez-vous pour appuyer l'équipe.

Ce sont-là des choses que bien des gens ici pensent mais que leurs propos ne laissent que rarement transparaître, hélas! C'est pourquoi il m'importe de vous témoigner cette gratitude, histoire que vous ne perceviez pas les supporteurs de votre équipe comme des ingrats. Ils ne le sont pas et sauront vous l'exprimer de diverses façons.

Recevez, M. Wetenhall, mes salutations distinguées.



Not an easy decision to can the HC (and effectively, the OC) five games into the season, but it shows Wetenhall's commitment to the team and his lack of tolerance for losing. We have not been playing Alouette football. Let's get back on track to doing so! :slight_smile:

Jock Climie and Paul Lambert were interviewed separately this morning on TSN 690, and both had only the highest regard for Mr. Wetenhall as both an owner and as an individual.

Todays events also bring to mind what Herb had written about Mr. Wetenhall being in Montreal the last 2 games but not attending them. Did he sense things werent working with Hawkins and would not feel comfortable interacting with him, or didn`t want players whispering in his ear?

Oui, merci beaucoup Monsieur Wetenhall! Ce Hawkins est un clown. Aussi, STP, mettez des plus petites jupes sur les cheerleaders :rockin:

It shows his complete lack of understanding of the game
And that his fallback position
Is the "old boys network"

How many times does Popp have to fail
Especially as a Head Coach
Before he tries something other than a knee-jerk reaction
And actually considers before deciding on change?

Not that I'm defending Hawkins
Certainly canning Hawkins was at least HALF
Of what's needed to right this ship
But installing Popp as HC....
He might just as well have dropped an anchor
Through the hull

From the evidence of his monumental fail last time in Saskatchewan
Neither is the solution the installation of Doug Berry as OC
(in everything but name...what kind of amateur-hour BS is that?)
Inspires confidence in AC...as he dimly remembers some success 12 years ago
But doesn't inspire me with anything but trepidation.

Weak tea
From a divinely uninspired lot
And a has-been QB on his way out to boot
And all with marching morons insisting the team wasn't playing "Alouettes football" this year
(gotta love those mindless "rara" cliches)

Well you can hardly expect Hawkins to lead the team
To successive playoff fails
If you only give him 5 games to do it.

This team somehow still believes it's a championship squad
Led down the wrong path by bad coaching
When it's been on a downward trend
For over 2 years now

There's always the chance this bandaid solution
Sparks some kind of resurgence
If so...it won't be anything
But dumb...DUMB luck

Two bad decisions don't amount to a good one
Following Hawkins with Popp...

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:
Well you can hardly expect Hawkins to lead the team To successive playoff fails If you only give him 5 games to do it.
There's always the chance this bandaid solution Sparks some kind of resurgence If so...it won't be anything But dumb...DUMB luck

Two bad decisions don't amount to a good one
Following Hawkins with Popp...

:thdn: :thdn: :thdn:

Très bien, Senior, alors qui suggérez-vous? Qui? À quel poste?

Okay, who is available that you'd replace him with? You can't hire from another team midseason, so a lot of coordinator candidates aren't available.

The options were use someone already in the organization, or bring someone in who is currently not coaching anywhere. Somehow I'm assuming you aren't that high on Paul LaPolice either.

Et le silence fut?

Merci M. Wetenhall pour cette belle degelee hier soir. Peut-etre temps de vendre l'equipe a quelqu'un de plus competent.

Seriously I think Bob is losing it. Maybe his sons need to take over. I agree with the decision to fire Hawkins but to be stuck with a 3 year 1,5 million contract is not the sign of a healthy ownership. We're beginning to look like Winnipeg who seems to finally be making some good decisions of their own. Maybe we showed them how it's done.

When your a billionaire my man. You can do what the f... you want. Money becomes very secondary. Hawkins broke his "heskem,der" with Bob and he got his contract cancelled.

It may feel great
Suggesting that I don't complain
And offer some constructive solutions

However...I've not only spent the last few years doing EXACTLY that
But warning of this inevitable collapse

It's hardly fair to blame me...now that the team has painted itself into a corner
And has pissed away all it's options:
Adrian McPherson, Chad Owens, Andrew Hawkins...

I HAD plenty of answers
And at EVERY turn was insulted...told to shut up
Been subject to (and continue to be subjected to)
personal attacks
While EVERY solution I've offered
Has been either completely ignored
Or shouted down in a manic chorus of estrogenic frenzy

Believe me when I say
I have no solutions
Because there

Time to harvest what you've sown boys
And fess up to your part in all this
However small and insignificant it may be

:roll: :wink: :roll:

Whoa there, 234, you're contradicting yourself. Mr. Wetenhall made a mistake, and was quick to take action. It takes years for other teams to act, Winnipeg for example: How long was Mack around for? The Als are a top notch organization, they're having a down year, it happens to all.

The best part is you throw in McPherson and Owens, despite LeStaf asking about coaches. :lol:

You're clueless and obsessive, but we all know this. :stuck_out_tongue: