M.S reporting/ CFL franchises are one of most valuable

Morgan Stanley reported a few days ago that the Detroit Lions made a profit of $15 million in 2012.... Buffalo Bills made $25 million in 2013..... Jacksonville Jaguars made $9 million in 2012...... Seattle Seahawks made $33 million in 2013..... Cincinnait Bengals made $24 million in 2013.....


Winnipeg Blue Bombers made $3.9 (includes cost without fiscal expenses).....Saskatchewan Roughriders made $14 million in 2013.

MS made a true comment. Why would you spend $700 million to make $20 million if you can just spend $15 million to make $3 million?

When teams like the Blue Bombers, Riders, Tiger-Cats, Redblacks, Atlantic cfl team start profiting big from new stadiums and other partnerships then you these teams will clearly make $5-$7 million and that is before the CFL starts gaining even more with a large TV deal.

CFL franchises is where you would want to spend money. Not a NHL franchise with a chance to lose money. That is impressive.

must read on the eskimos

[url=https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-55-yard-line/eskimos-profits-soar-despite-diminishing-attendance-operating-revenues-234951398.html]https://ca.sports.yahoo.com/blogs/cfl-5 ... 51398.html[/url]

The one thing that I can't figure out is the following.........

their season average of 31,549, and their total gate receipts were $8,073,214

if tickets are avg $50 for esks games then how could they be $8m? wouldn't it be closer to $15m?

Good for them and great for the teams making money - but that doesn't change the fact that the league commissioner as recently as a month ago said that 1/3 of the teams in the league will lose money this season.

Toronto, Hamilton will lose money. That’s it. Hamilton if not for a stadium debacle they would probably have made lots of money.

I don’t think the league would lose money. But if they raised the cap the would break even and the owners want to make at least $3-4m

mtl, will lose money as they can't draw 21k , BC , cgy may lose money or break even at best and Hamilton will take a bath again , this delay just killed any hopes of them making money .

Are you using the average ticket price or the average of the number of tickets sold?
There is a big difference. ie if your ticket prices are $30, $40, $60 and $80, then the average ticket price is around $50, but that wouldn't be $50 times the 31,000, that is only average ticket price.
In a large stadium like Edmonton or Toronto they have a lot of cheap seats available and if they sell a lot more cheap seats than the expensive ones the revenue from 31,000 could be a lot less than the $50 ticket price average that you quote. They will probably sell a lot more cheaper seats.

Look at the Ticat seating chart in the new stadium, when you add up the various ticket prices it appears to be around $50 but when you look at the chart there are very few of the cheaper $35 available. The majority of seats available are in the more expensive range.
Just counting the average number of seats available it appears to be well over $60.

slimjim ) where you been I can't find you in grocery stores anymore.

The Edmonton Eskimos avg tix are probably even more in the range of $70 than $50. I believe the majority of tickets sold in the lower bowl go for about $97... season tix price would be maybe 20 bucks at most less.

Maybe the Eskies are forging #'s. gonna have to look into this.

why would Calgary lose money? they get big crowds and have huge support from corporate and fans.... that must be the stupidest thing i've heard here since toronto is worthy of a cfl team or even being in canada.

Calgary crowds have ben down a bit over the last few years . Nobody getting rich in Calgary, it's far from a trouble spot but they have hit a lull in attendance. Since you have no clue what your talking about , you wouldn't know this.

ya they sure are down. lets see they had close to 30,000 a few nights ago :slight_smile: ya they are struggling.

Not struggling but 26 k and 27 k in their first two games, is down .It's not exactly the automatic 30k and over they averaged for a long time.

You don't buy a sports franchise if you're trying to make money. They're not an investment.

He said that during the contract talks with the players, in those situations you take comments like that with a grain of salt, like after the league signed the TV deal and the same commissioner said all CFL teams will be in the black. The only teams that lose money from what I have been told by sources in the know, is Toronto and Hamilton. The Hamilton team will be in the black in the new stadium soon enough, with all the different revenue streams that a new stAdium will bring. Montreal has the highest ticket prices in the league, with thousands of tickets going for over 100 bucks each, and those tickets are sold out . On 20,000 tickets Montreal will do a game gate of over 1.3million. Montreal also has one of the highest Corp support in the league, at times getting over 6 million a season in Corp support. Calgary does over 1 million in profit per year and the real profit for the riders is close to 15 million last year. Other then Toronto, the league has never been better financially

flutie, that is correct.... but most of these people here don't know a thing and don't listen when you tell them.

Actually Montreal Alouettes from MS- said in 2006 or maybe '07 they made over $6million in that season. Corporate in Montreal is ridiculous. Montreal is by far the biggest city in Canada and where the wealth is and it's because of the people. Something that Toronto doesn't understand. That is why Toronto is soooo poor and the large companies are faltering.

one thing for sure is I would rather own a CFL Franchise than most NHL franchises and NBA franchises.

lol the CFL is better off than the NBA unless you are in Los Angeles or New York of course.....

I'd own an NHL franchise in a second if I could plop it down in Hamilton, no strings attached. I'd make a killing, Hamilton would realize the dream, I'd be spiting the Leafs and I'd get to have the biggest grin when I saw Gary Bettman have to stumble through his welcome to the league speech. Where could I go wrong?

No. No it's not.

gocatsgo - that is just more of the fiction - of which there is a lot of - in any post deluded Beach makes. Only in Beach’s whacky world is Montreal Canada’s largest city.

The first part is correct. However, Montreal is NOT the largest city in Canada. Get your facts straight buddy.