M.Kelly, a big tough guy coaching approach, bad for CFL

Armstrong was because of this tough guy approach, Kelly has no repsect for the team nor his players and the CFL, and thinking that his choice of qbs would work, is insane, after letting Glen go, this is not the NFL, easy adaptable from US college to the NFL and winning a Super after a few yrs, because the QB position his easy, outdoor area size football, tiny field with 4 downs, and QBS never touched and 6 yd pass TD`s THROWN into their wee 10 yr end zone.

                                           Case and point, how long does it take a CFL qb to be good, 5 to 7 yrs or longer, not two like in the NFL, so Kelly wake up, better yet, ship out, and learn some manners or get in the ring so someone can punch your lites out.

I was wondering when we'd get the next Spidey-rant. You didn't disappoint. :lol: :lol: