Lyle Bauer to join the Stamps?!?
That's rumour #1 (do the Stamps want to find new ways to lose???) You can have him!!!!
Rumour #2: He's off to join the private sector (working for KFC maybe) He looks like a young Colonel Sanders.
Rumour #3: The Head Suicide Bomber has got the attention of Al Qaida and negotiations are under way. Nobody could have done a better job sabotaging this once-proud Bomber organization if they tried.

Thanks for nothin' Lyle! Don't let the door hit your can on the way out of Winnipeg :x
Take your pet monkey MK with you :oops:

A monkey has fur on more places than his arz.


Well if Bauer leaves that means........................

Reinbold is returning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Maybe Kelly wants to add the title of "President" to his resume. Why bother getting up and going to work if you're only the head coach, general manager, offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach?

...the only problem with your scenario is that IF....Bauer gets the pink slip....i don;t think Kelly will have much of a future in the Peg....UNLESS Mike is given strict guidelines to follow from the 'new man '...and behaves himself... :wink:

You're assuming rational and logical thought on the part of one Mr. Kelly. What in his performance over the last 8 months gives you reason to believe he would think beyond the immediate impact of a choice he makes?

.....A JOB :wink:

I want Jeff Reinbold back, he may have a losing team but at least he was entertaining!

It's BOLD out there baby!

Lyle Bauer has done NOTHING good for the Blue Bombers while he’s been here. His “lasting legacy” will be a grand total of ZERO Grey Cups.

Good riddance, if he’s going. The Blue Bombers ownership is just terrible…

Interesting article. He has very strong ties to Wpg. I could see him taking another position in a private business before leaving for the Stamps though. He would be a great addition to the Stamps but highly unlikely.