Lyle Bauer resigns.....

Check this out:

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         Kelly could be gone even without his domestic problems.

I thoughti heard a shoe drop somewhere!

BB land is in disarray.....

Hey.. maybe Kelly could wear another hat..... then he could fire himself!!

Drew Edwards is saying Greg Marshall could be heading back to Winnipeg as Head Coach.

No details yet though.

Lyle Bauer realized it was the right time to move on.

The Aspers will be buying the team soon and
they will likely want to bring in some new blood.

Also, the board of the team was interfering with football operations.

In mid-season, pressure was exerted on bonehead to hand over
his offensive co-ordinating duties to one of his assistant coaches.

A man who had no previous CFL experience

Lyle couldn't have been happy when that at all.

And Scott Ackles has left a front office opening in Calgary.

I was very happy to see him go.

Agreed, but I'm hard pressed to say that the Board was wrong in so decreeing. Kelly's offence was horrid (recall those back to back games against Toronto early in the season? Brutal, just brutal). Matsakis, while yes he had no experience, didn't do worse. . .there was an incremental improvement in the Winnipeg offence after Kelly's hands were pried off it and Matsakis given more of the responsibility.

That said, they do need both a new Head Coach and a qualified offensive coordinator for 2010.

But, as a stop-gap measure, it was the right call.

....Bauer would have been GONE as soon as Asper takes over the team.... Lyle had already announced that...I think with that in mind you'd have to come to the conclusion that decisions at the top were a little 'loose' might say....Although it is not a foregone conclusion that David Asper will take over ownership of the team...the fact that there's a 90 percent chance of that happening could throw some light on the present state of affairs in the Peg....This is a team in a huge transition...The Wpg. Sun has reported that Asper will be part of the decision making process on the new CEO and upper management ...I think the future of the club is starting to solidify and once that happens...I'm looking forward to the fact that the Wpg. Blue Bombers will return to be a very sound contender....In fact with all of the 'upheavel' of 09...I don't think the team was that far off .... Although Lyles tenure was successful, monetartily, for the club...he left with very little to show in the way of Cups .. It was time for change...Bauers departure was a good thing... :wink:

I don't see how he can buy anything with mess Canone and Global are

.....Canwest is a separate entity to David Aspers Creswin Enterprises (real estate holdings)....the latter being in very good shape financially and where the funds for the new stadium at the University of Manitoba will be coming from....Canwest and Global have nothing to do with the venture...Along with the millions of dollars pledged by the fed. govt. and provincial govt. which are still on the table....this stadium should be ready to go in on it... :wink: