Luongo A Leaf??

According to The Province Newspaper we should know within 72 hours if a trade can be completed that will bring Goalie Roberto Luongo of Vancouver to the Toronto Maple Leafs. Apparently Philadelphia may also be in the running.

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and this ticat/football news because............?????????

Can he play gridiron? Let's sign him up, maybe as a receiver or db? He's quick and to be around the TiCats environment, yoiu have to be quick, that is quick in or quick out if things don't work out, quickly. :wink:

Sorry Teddyfay just thought I would mention didn't want to step on any toes?? Just waiting for more news about the Ti-Cats, hey and who knows maybe he can play football??

8) As mentioned by other posters, this is a football forum.....not a hockey forum !!!
   Who really gives a rats ass about the joke Laffs, and that other loser Bobby Lou !!!

    I can still see Luongo in my mind, when he choked against my Blackhawks, on way to the Hawks Stanley Cup Win !!!

     Ohhh Yea,   Gotta  love that loser Bobby Lou  !!! <!-- s:thdn: -->:thdn:<!-- s:thdn: -->  Actually hope he does go to Hogtown !!!    <!-- s:lol: -->:lol:<!-- s:lol: -->

While they play fast and loose with off-topic threads here in Tiger-Cats, it generally involves either other football stories or Hamilton stories. Ideally Leaf chat should go in the Off-topic Forum here...

please, no hockey.

If true, Luongo would be arriving in Toronto as Burke is departing....kind of ironic!!!!

Who cares about hockey? I don't. Lost interest many years ago when hockey turned to a goon squad. Money hungry overpaid primadonnas.

While we're at it:

Is Messi better than Ronoldo?

Will CM Punk lose to the Rock at Royal Rumble?

Is the Keystone XL pipeline a good idea?

Taste Great?

Or Less Filling?

A lot of Reefer fans in the Ham.

Moderator, please delete this thread.

How about Tebow a Leaf? :lol:

More importantly, can the Leafs make the playoffs this year?

Will the Habs ever find their way back to the Stanley cup again?

There is a Leafs forum you know. There will actually be people there interested in talking Leafs and all things hockey. Yet you decide against that and post this on a football forum to Hamilton folk.

You're clearly confused BIGCAT.

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Hfboards already has a 38 page thread on the whole Luongo deal. Hfboards is a great place to talk hockey. Ti-Cats forum is a great place to talk football. Lets keep it that way.

What do the Leaves have to do with hockey?

I see the thread police are out in full force


What do the Leaves have to do with hockey?

Umm, playing on outdoor surfaces as a kid I can tell you leaves get caught in the ice and you were always wondering if you were going to blow a tire out skating over one. :wink: