Lumsend to start at fullback.

According to the ticats depth chart for labour day jesse lumsend is going to start at fullback and caully at hb is this a mistake or something. or are they going to have both of them in the back field at the same time

If Lumsden & Caulley are in the Ti-Cat backfield at the same time, that is very bad news for the Argos D...

Bad news it is.

I've wondered for quite some time why we didn't try this. Jesse can handle the blocking, and imagine the potential for draw plays and fullback screens. The run game is now a 3-headed monster. The Argo's are in for an interesting time, especially with Wheaton now playing free safety, and a milddle lb that has clearly lost 2-3 steps...

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are actually doing something different? NOOOOO it cant be!


it will keep argos off balance and unable to key on either one. look for them to line lumsden on the wide side of the field too, and lb coverage.

I wouldn't mind seeing either player break out wide in a four or five receiver set. That would be great.

Starting line ups don't mean that much.

Players can be used anyway they want to.

As long as they're listed. chances are that they're playing.

It's nice to see Pritners Miles, Lumsden, Hudson and Robinson all back!

For those that love "retro" how about lining them up in the old "I" formation. Tell me that wouldn't screw up a D's game plan. :lol:

its good news, a good football coach tries every avenue to get his best playmakers on the field at all times, the other fullbacks on the roster are worthless, also it sets up a thunder & lightning running combo.

Why not :slight_smile: Lumsden is fullback size...

A very fast fullback :stuck_out_tongue:

best part of it is you can now sneak jojo as 5th receiver into the formation and sneak caulley out and still have lumsden lined up at hb which will have argos defence (hopefully) 2nd guessing all day.

just gotta remember with the two of them in the backfield means there will be an extra defender in the box

As Oski oui oui said

we can use Jesse as the check off man

He can drift out side late in the play,

take a short pass and head to open field.

And what about delayed draw plays?

I see us winning the ball possession game big time.

If they put 8 in the box they’d best make sure they contain the corner…any one of our 3 backs (including Printers) has the speed to get to the corner on option plays…and there won’t be much between them and the goal line…We also have three big receivers that stand a good chance in man coverage off play action…

It great Game plan if it works
But can't afford Injury on Offence to Canadian.

Tom, if we loose a CDN o-line Rempel comes in. Otherwise Cauley leaves and Jesses stays as RB...I don't see the non import thing as a problem this week