Lumsdn Injury

But he is leaving at the end of the year anyways, thats the thing.

I agree that with the season in the crapper, and looming free agency, it makes sense to trade him. As Beet says, it will be a bidding war in Feb. regardless of where he finishes this season.

But who would want him bad enough to cough up players this year?
BC: Set with Joe Smith
Calgary: Ditto Joffrey Reynolds
Sask: Ditto Wes Cates
Edmonton: Maybe? Harris has looked good though.

Really don't want him traded in our division, but if he's becoming a free agent anyway, shouldn't matter unless we're in the hunt come playoff time
Winnipeg: Could be interested. Berry thinks highly of Jesse, and Roberts has underwhelmed this season
Blue team: Probably interested.
Montreal: Happy with Cobourn.

Injuries will happen though and being canadian, they will pay for him if we offer him up. If he wanted to re sign here he would have by now cus if he is waiting for more money they arent exactly known for giving in to those demands from anyone.

it dossnt matter how good he is because he is always hurt. and it cant haunt us because if we dont improve our weakness (the o line) this team isnt going any where.


I noticed your list, but none of those RBs even stand up to Lumsden. Wes Cates being 2nd. I think we should play it out with him for the rest of the season. If he is still getting injured. Then we have the extra money to sign another player. He could go somewhere else. I definately wouldnt want that to happen but if he continues to get injured than we have to think about the team.

The thing people have to remember is that if he is unsigned now and plays out the option there will be a bidding war for him in feb. The team he will play for will be the team that pays him the most money in feb. Trade him for players or keep him for the season we are in the same bidding war in feb. Just as much chance to resign him as anyone else in feb regardless of where he finishes THIS season. Players go for the dough.

Makaveli wrote,

it dossnt matter how good he is because he is always hurt. and it cant haunt us because if we dont improve our weakness (the o line) this team isnt going any where.

I still think the team should wait a little longer. Lumsden could be in next game against the Argos. We really need him, to beat the Blue team.

why just keep him for the sake of keeping him tho? and almost all of those backs are better than lumsden because they are staying healthy.

and almost all of those backs are better than lumsden because they are staying healthy.

no we dont need him. Tre is just as good the only difference is hes american.

there was a crack in the glass that is his body


You bring up some good points. But cmon Tre Smith is not as a good as Lumsden. When Lumsden is healthy, he is probably the most exciting player in the league. ( But, that is the rub, if he could only stay healthy)Anyway, I wont give up on him. I would give him some more time. Things may turn around.

i honestly think a combo of tre and terry would be just as good but if you dont agree thats fine. but i still dont think you get my point. even if Lumsden comes back next week and plays amazing and he keeps playing like that with no injuries will we win any games? theres a good chance the answer is no because we still wont have enough time to throw the ball.

If Lumsden was in for the entire game. Who knows.... we might have won. Our offence would have been on the field longer. Giving our defence more rest. There are a lot of " what if`s" but with Jesse in the lineup we definately have a much better chance of winning.

Lumsden has a great combination of size and speed, but he doesn't have the nifty moves of a guy like Caulley, and isn't enough of a bull to get the guaranteed 2-3 yards the way a guy like Blake Marshall did for Edmonton back in the day.

The big selling point of Lumsden is that he's strong enough to punish and carry tacklers, but also has the potential to break a long one if he gets in open field.

I think it was Dunigan last week suggesting that Edmonton was successful in containing Lumsden because they where able to stack things inside and managed to string him out east-west where he becomes, in Dunigan's words "an ordinary back".

oh man. that just made me cringe

its a simple fix really, tre/anthony at running back

lumsden at tight end or slot back

less chance of him getting hurt, and hes still out there with the offence, plus he is a proven reciever

Who the hell is anothony? am i missing something?

and i just cant picture jesse being too effective at the slot on an every possession basis.

whoops haha, i meant terry

and what reciever is effective on every possesion ? ... with jesse out as slotback (even though he'd make a better tight end) the defense will be prone to watch him more... plus just imagine jesse catching a pass in full stride.... no safety in the league would stand a chance against him

If it was Smith who was taking the hits below the Knees, or at the Knees , All You import lovers would be clamoring for suspensions on the defenders making the illegal hits. All lumsdens injuries are from below the knew tackles or a late hit.Fact.___________ About Lumsden at Slot back. , This could be the solution to the types of desperation tackles hes getting dinged with. And with Williams at qb. it would Fill; out the recieving core.