Lumsdn Injury

I was out of town at my sons's soccer game and got home at the start of the 4th quarte. Commentator stated that Lumsden was hurt. What happened now and when did it happen. Is it long term?

hang nail!
out for 3 months! :lol:

actually something with his ankle..sprain? they weren't sure

I first thought it was his knee again but the commentators said it is a high ankle sprain, it did’nt look like he rolled it he was just trying to break a tackle and pull his leg from the defenders grip and looked like he stretched it, however apparently he told the trainers he heard a pop, it looked like he was going to come back in in the third quarter but when it showed him trying to run it did’nt look to good.

Hopefully just a mild sprain and should be back next week, I know I played a whole season with a torn ACL so he better suck it up for a sprain.

Jesse's booboos are starting to get to me.

I don't know how much longer I can stay positive, one week? two weeks?

i think the cats should see if they can get a good o line player for him. we dont need him, but we do need a better o line.

well, lumsden is my favorite player but the team comes first. I think the team has to learn to win without him, and they will, he cant be counted on week in and week out. Its just how it is. At the deadline if he is unsigned and fairly healthy they need to swing a deal much like the troy davis trade. Or else the cats stand to lose him to free agency. Heck, trade him anyways since you can always re-sign him in the offseason anyways. he will go to the highest bidder, they always do. He could put a team over the top for a cup run, but over 18 games he just cant carry the mail I am afraid.

thats why i think we should try and trade him now. i honestly think we can still be a competitive team if our o line gets better. I know our d line also needs work but i think they can be better if there not alaways on the field.

With our luck, well trade Lumsden and hell stay healthy for the blue team and rack up 1800 yards(o.k, Im know Im being way too sarcastic) but the Ticats luck has been brutal for the last few years.

loyalticatfan puhlease!

You're killing me with such thoughts!

if he goes somewhere else and plays great then good for him, i really dont see that happening but it could. we have tre and terry they are both capable of getting the job done.

C`mon Captain.

You know you were thinking the same thing :smiley:

Stop this madness!

No, I`m not about to give up on Lumsden. I just wish we could get 5 straight games out of him.

and 15 to 20 touches a game.

your not giving up on him your trading him for something you really need a good body on the o line.

and 15 to 20 touches a game.

Absolutely agree.

You know what upsets me. Put players like Printers, Williams on other teams and they would light it up. To me, that signifies that our coaching is out to lunch!

who cares what he does where we trade him to? as long as we get the help we need where we need it. he is gone after this season anyways, free agent. If they dont sign him they should trade him or they stand to lose him for nothing


I think trading Lumsden for an O lineman would come back to haunt us. Lumsden, when healthy, is a star of the league.