Lumsden's uncertain future led Ticats to Keith

From today's Natinal Post article Lumsden's uncertain future led Ticats to Keith

"[i]Lumsden...has been limited by injury to only five games since. More than the injuries, though, the Ticats seem to have been prompted to act by his contract, which expires at the end of the season.

"The situation with Jesse also had something to do with it," Ticats general manager Bob O'Billovich said. "Jesse has indicated that he wants to wait [to negotiate] until the end of the season, and with him into the option year, there's no guarantee we're going to get the deal done. And if we don't, and if we're just relying on Jesse, it wouldn't be a very good situation."


Obie is no dummy. Never rely on a player who says he wants to re-sign. They will abandon you for bigger money elsewhere in a heartbeat.

If Jessie really wanted to play in Hamilton, he would have negotiated an extension by now. He's interested in the biggest payday he can get, wherever it is.

Irrespective of the crowded backfield this creates, this is a good move. The Ticats acquire a proven asset without giving up any other assets. They create all kinds of trade possibilities, allowing them to potentially acquire other assets that will fill holes. :thup: :thup:


who cares…

Caulley is a lot better than Jesse…

KK’s signing is a puzzle as well…KK and CP both in the same locker room…should be fun.

Ive had some time to think about the acquistion of Keith Kenton. it was a good a pick up by Obie, we have a real good all purpose player in Kenton. The guy can run, catch, return kicks. Hes a game breaker.

As much as I like Lumsden. Unfortunately, he gets injured quite a lot. I think we have an abundance of talent at RB, with Caulley and Tre Smith. so if they can trade Lumsden for an O-lineman, D-Lineman, thats fine. Or if they dont resign him next year, we have more money to spend on a much needed lineman or receiver.

Most of you here commenting on the signing of Kenton Keith are missing the point of the thread.

There are plenty of Kenton Keith threads already.

This one was intended to be concerning the above mentioned National Post article and Obie's comment that Jesse's not extending his contract and opting for free agency actually helped spur this move.

Makes sense to me.

Nobody knows how this whole free agency thing will play out with Jesse
despite many confident assertions to the contrary. Crystal balls?

Will Jesse get an attractive offer or just a token offer or two?

Obie is dealing from a position of strength at the RB position
with Kenton Keith, Terry Caulley and a guy like Tre Smith.

If Jesse gets only a moderately attractive offer,

Obie can make him a decent but lesser offer now,
than he would have had to before Keith arrived,

and leave the ball in Jesse's people's court.

[His dad et al]

In other words, Kenton's signing definitely
helps Obie's bargaining position with Jesse.


Not that it definitely means anything but...

Jesse is set here now with a home
out near Mc Master University..

I am just saying...every little bit helps.

That's very true Ron,

Obie will be in a much better situation in regards to negotiating with Jesse now with the signing of Keith than he was with out him. Lumsden knows now that if he asks for too much money, Obie will walk and we will still be left with a strong back field.

If he truely wants to stay a Ti-Cat he will have to work out a deal that suits Obie's interests not his own which will save the Cats some much needed improvement cash to spend elsewhere.

That's just my opinion.

Good bye Jesse!

We sign KK cuz Jesse is injury prone and might go and be injury prone somewhere else.

Just like Printers, Jesse has helped us win 1 game this year. I know, it's not all his fault and has had some monter games this year but we have won 1 game also without him. Just my opinion.........

I like JL. If he could only stay healthy I would like to see him remain a Ti-Cat. If he decides not to, I wish him all the best, but I hope he realizes the free agent market in the CFL is not what it used to be. The salary cap has a lot to do with that.

The problem is he can't stay healthy.

Let's look
05 - hurt with seahawks
06 - hurt with redskins
07 - hurt twice, ends season only playing 10 games
08 - hurt twice

Is this the resume of a guy you really want? A guy who can't play a full season? Sorry, he's not ratio buster. He's a ratio messer upper. We only have imports as back ups (Keith, Caulley, Smith) so when he's hurt, you take a guy like Cavka out and put Dyakowski in for example.

It creates more headaches than good. If he starts at fullback or slot back then I wouldn't have a problem but you can't sign him for big money. Not worth the risk.

I guess that just shows how human he is! :wink:

it was a good pick up. Lumsden will not be back next year and that will leave kk and tc to split the load. They should be a nice force if we can use them togeather.