Lumsden's the new Rushing Leader....Despite.........

also he is on pace to having less than 200 carries despite being on pace for 1600 yards

I rarely look ahead that far, but barring an injury, I think he should be a shoo-in for Rookie of the Year honors. With Bauman, the Cats have two very strong Canadians to build an offense around for many years.

An Argo-Cat fan

Can he be considered for Rookie of The Year, having played in 2006 BF?

PS. PM is not workin BF, I'm not ignoring

no i dont think he eligible to be rookie of the year

but can definately win canadain player of the year or maybe even MVP if he keeps going at the pace he is

Sorry, I got my talented young Canadians mixed up. It's Bauman that I was referring to for rookie of the year. I wish I'd had more opportunity to see Getzlaf play too because from the little I've seen, he could be a keeper too. A trio of young, talented Canadians to build an offence around. And another Canadian kid Mckay-Loescher on D! It just doesn't get any better than that for me.

An Argo-Cat fan

P.S. And I agree that if Lumsden can keep up his current pace, league MVP isn't out of the question.

With success Jesse is starting to have now it is tempting to bump up some of last years posts. People saying he was over rated etc. blah blah blah. But they know who they are.
Jesse is showing what some of us knew was just a matter of time.
His new reel runs are getting noticed south of the border on fan sites. I'm sure the NFL are watching with interest as well.
I would hope if he tries the NFL one more time he will insist on a large siging bonus to see if a team is really interested in giving him a legitiment shot.

I have heard that Westenhall has floated the idea of having a franchise player who would be exempt from the salary cap. If this ever becomes a fact the Ticats might have a chance of resigning Jesse with our dollar fast becoming par with the US dollar. I would think Lumsden is worth more to Hamilton then just his considerable football skills. Off season paying jobs for the team is part of the SMS now but, with a franchise player this would possibly be waived.

I would think Toronto, Montreal, Edmonton and BC would be in favour of a franchise player, Bob could swing the vote if he wants a shot at keeping Jesse.

I think 200 Grand is a bit much for a running back. Yes he has been amazing so far this year and is making a me a fan of his but we could get a cheaper American that could post similar stats for less. That's the problem with being a running back is that they are a dime a dozen. Every year more and more running backs are being developed making it harder for backs to get the big pay check.

I think $200K-$225K is not unreasonable for:

  1. a local boy,
  2. Non-import,
  3. 25 years old,
  4. a COMPETITOR, and
  5. a player who (for whatever reason) inspires his team mates to play better.

The reality is dollars and cents. If he can make a $1million even for one year in the NFL it's worth for him to go - it would take him 10 seasons in the CFL to earn a million. Also lower income tax rates south of the border, allowing him to keep more. He can rent his house until he returns to the CFL to finish his career.
Good luck to him if he does decide to go.

But let's enjoy him while he's here and not worry about it til then.

Jesse Lumsden is an outstanding back
He has size and wheels.

A lot of people were disgruntled when Troy Davis was traded but you could see from Lumsden's first two albeit brief seasons he had serious potential.

I've always liked him and have always thought he could be a bona fide star in the CFL as long as he stays healthy.

When he played the 2 previous seasons you could sense an added dimension when he was in the backfield. Last year he had some good games that showed he can play with the best of them.

All that being said about Jesse, no one has mentioned the block Nate Curry gave Lumsden on his first TD run. Curry held the corner in check until Lumsden was able to get by and outrun the Bomber secondary.

You have to give Curry full marks for that block because its what sprang Lumsden into the open field. From there on it was Lumsden's speed that created the score.

I'm looking forward to a lot more of that type of play this year.

Jesse isn't done yet

Ya, we didn't see a lot of that the last two seasons...

One of the most incredible aspects of Lumsden's performance on Friday is that according to today's Spec, he went to the hospital immediately following the game due to the effects of suspected food poisoning. If he can put in that kind of performance when he's feeling a little green around the gills, what can he do when he's 100%? :smiley:

In the era of the salary cap it is a bit high. In my estimation 150 G's is the maximum in which a running back should be paid. I don't want to seem like a Lumsden hater but you could get an American for 75k leaving you with room to sign one or two more impact players. You have to remember Troy Davis in the pre salary cap years we wouldn't pay him 130 G the year after he but up 1600 yards (which I see as Lumsden's ability). T-roy had both 4 and 5 which are necessary to be a good back and he got dumped so I don't think Lumsden will get 200 grand.