Lumsden's the new Rushing Leader....Despite.........

I remember before the 2005 draft Tom Higgins was quoted in the Calgary Sun as saying that he wont take Jesse Lumsden first overall b/c 'he plays a position best suited to an American'.......he then went on to select Miguel Robede......It looks like there is potential for Calgary to land the 1st overall pick again this year so Darryl Stephenson may get the shaft based on Tom Higgins's ignorance


I remember I was a Lumsden detractor before. I was definitely wrong on him. He is a very good player and deserving to say the starting tailback for this team. I just hope he stays in Hamilton instead of trying the NFL again.

yea we have to sign him to a long term deal before the end of this season so he doesnt go to the NFL

lumsden has improved his overall game that includes his blocking and following his blocks downfield.

I thought that the Ti-Cats has signed him to a 3 year...did the coach not tell him if he didn't sign a long-term, he wouldn't get signed at all?

The new policy is 2 year plus an option minimum for "Canadian talent". That's what he signed, but it was a 2 year retroactive to 2006.

He is young, big, fast and Canadian. Offer him whatever it takes.

He has many reasons to stay in Hamilton.. His family is here, its where he went to university and he is also already a superstar here.

He would never have as much success or be as much of a star in the NFL. Not because he isn't good enough but very few stand out in such a huge league.

If he stays here he will be in his home town with his family.. he will be making good money.. and he will always inspire the whole team to play better.

If I was Bob I would offer him a million over 5 years. He is well worth all that cap space.

$200,000 a year sounds about right for Lumsden. However that would leave us with a heck of an issue regarding the salary cap, as there is sure to be more raises in the next coming years as well. Maas seems to be starting to look like a QB that deserves the pay he is receiving (there I said it, I seem to have been wrong about Maas).

Although I would much rather have our salary cap situation thrown for a loop rather than lose Lumsden to the NFL (or any other CFL team).

Like I said in another thread, I'm sure Ticat fans would be willing to shell out $10-20 each so long as all the money goes to Lumsden to keep him around (not effecting the Salary Cap...just a generous donation from the fans)

I bet other high paid guys like Maas, Holmes etc. would take a pay cut to keep a guy like Lumsden.

The key is making small cuts from several players. No one loses much and it keeps a key player on the roster.

Its not a you deserve less thing its a this guy deserves more.

Give Jesse the Wad. :thup:

Playing like this what a draw jesse would be to any game he plays in, well worth the price you would pay him…Bob. :smiley:


I agree with everything that's been said. but jesse has never hidden the fact that he wants the NFL. Does it mean he dislikes Hamilton, not at all...I can assure you that he would tell u he's having the time of his life.

If i'm not mistaken, we signed Corey Holmes to a 5 year deal that pays him some 200 000 a year. I think it was for this exact reason. Jesse's not here long-term. Considering the season he's having after only 6 games, he's only 25....especially if he wins a major award (MVP,outstanding cdn) it's over...we'd better enjoy this.

Now I do realise there's a chance that i's wrong. he's tried twice before and it didn't work out. IMO Jesse should look at any potential NFL deals based on the signing bonus offered. but the problem is, he's shown that he doesn't care. He really wants this. Washington offered him something like 1000$ and he took it.

It would be sad to see him riding the pines south of the border for more money than we could ever pay him.

Corey signed a 3 plus an option with 2006 being year 1, IIRC

I recall a certain person on here about a month ago claiming to be involved in football at a world level for years talking smack about Lumsden. He runs to straight up, he can't be the first guy, he has no open field speed, etc. If this kid can stay healthy and the O line can continue opening holes, he is going to have more 200+ yard games. As for Marshall, my thoughts are that they brought him in as head coach too early -straight out of coaching university ball. They should have had him learn under someone like Taaffe for a few year (maybe as an O coach or something) and then moved him in as head coach. I don't think he got a fair shake.

With respect to Jesse, it really is a story to good to be true. Canadian, playing in his home town and becoming a star RB. There is no question that his success will continue and on his first chance he will try the NFL and, although I am a Cat's fan, I hope he makes the NFL, so long as it is in a starting role. Regardless, lets enjoy him while we have him and hope his abilities help open up the rest of the offense, otherwise we don't stand to much of a chance.

I don't think he's going to leave -- here's why:

  1. He is playing great ball here, and at this rate could win the rushing title -- meaning he would be the best in the league.
  2. Going to the NFL means riding the pines, at least for a while.
  3. He just bought a house in Hamilton this off-season, so why would he move?
  4. I think this guy wants to win more than anything else. Not only does he want to win, but he wants to be the reason for victory. Why would a competitive guy like that go to a league that has proven twice that they don't want him? Doesn't make any sense.
  5. He's only 25, yes. But in in the NFL RBs only last till around 30. He can either be a Hall of Famer here or a pine rider/mid-range starter there.

For those who love stats, and who doesn't, Jesse's running average to date projects into a 1600 yd season after 18 games. Weather and Opponents will have something to say about that, but it is fun to think of.