Lumsdens career

With lumsden going to the Redskins what will happen? Will he go in 3rd or 2nd string? Special teams? Or even get sent over to Germany for Nfl Europe?

special teams...

Covering punts, kickoffs, and a few carries each season when Redskins are way ahead. See Tim Tindale at Buffalo.

apparantly the Redskins are impressed with him so far.Who knows how good he really is,he might surprise everyone.

Who cares?

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I hope that Lumsden's opportunity to carry the ball doesn't depend on the "Skins" being way ahead of anybody!! :wink:

As said above, another Tim Tindale but I hope he doesn't get hurt like Tindale otherwise he will be just another Canadian who can brag to their buddies they made the NFL but has nothing to show for it in the long run in the Canadian football history lore. Which, BTW, most people don't care about anyway, it's just "show me da money man", and quite understandable for sure.

i hate to break it to lumsden fans which i am a part of....but he has a long way to go before he can even say with any degree of certainity that he will make the team or practice roster....all he has done is shown enough that they dont cut him in the mini camps.....which would have happened if they didnt like him...but everyone goin into camp has shown that and they all can be sending him to europe or starting him on special teams is way too premature. it will be fun to watch him compete but this is all we have the luxury of knowing at this point.

just looked at the redskins site and they have listed 6 rb's and 1 fb and cooley who is listed at te but really he is like an h i guess it is safe to assume that lumsden will be back in the cfl.

Article this morning in todays Spec on Jesse. Like his quote:
“Then there’s studying the massive playbook that takes at least another hour.
How massive?
“It’s a three-inch binder and it’s full,” he chuckles. “When you drop it on the ground, it shakes things.””

I wonder if there is any point to this comment from Jesse and the writer publishing it. Or is it just filler information for the article?

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Well, I think for one it means that Joe Gibbs has a more extensive football mind than Jaime Baressi.

on the Skin’s websight they list Lumsden as one of 5 newcomers to watch (thats newcomers not rookies)
sounds impressive to me

that is great and got to give him credit for even being mentioned but you gotta think that they are saying that this is an interesting story and worth paying attention too more then anything. his stats alone in canadian college are worth creating a buzz along with his physical characteristics...hes got a shot but thats all. but i m sure thats all he wants.

He will be staying with the skins,they don't sign people with a 2 year contract and then cut him. He is their future rb ,when the time is ripe.

actually i guess you really dont know about football all free agents are signed to a standard 2 year means nothing first year is league min somewhere between 225 000 and 250 000 next year is aprx 275 to 300 000 and none of this money is earned untill you make the team. even when you make the team you only get your salary 275 000 for example divided up between 16 games. you get paid after each game that way they can cut you at any time and you may never make your entire contract. so pikk he has a shot just like everyone else and thats it. sorry to burst your bubble. Thats why these guys try so hard to get a big signing bonus because that is the only money gaurenteed....i dont blame them...unfortunately in jesse's case i doubt he recieved any bonus. but if he works hard and gets some lucky breaks...who knows ?

Actually, they do have to pay the player if they cut him, however it is a very small fraction of his contract. It's not enough to live off of though.

miller they dont have to pay the player. trust me....the only scenario you could be talking about is if he got hurt and in that case they would pay him untill he got better or the season ended. I know in the cfl after so many years you are considered a veteran and after week 6 of a season you are gaurenteed the rest of your contract....i dont think they do this in the nfl. in any event this would not mean anything to jesse becasue he is not a veteran. sooooo like i have said before jesse has a shot to make a team i wish him the best but it is just a shot.

I hope Jesse makes it, but the Redskins site is showing all their newcomers 5 at a time. So he was not being singled out as one of the top 5 newcomers.