According to Lumsden's tweets today he has NOT signed with Winnipeg and is talking to a FEW teams. I wonder if one of them might be Hamilton? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :thup:

We can only pray the cats aren't talking to him.

I disagree: he could easily be our short-yardage solution and maybe replace Cobb. he could certainly replace Bauman who just goes out there and runs patterns. Not much chance of getting hurt there... :lol: :lol: :lol:

CHCH reported it was Calgary and toronto.

I cant see the Stamps going anywhere near the guy.
They are doing great and have 2 real good backs, Reynolds and Cornish.

They’re looking at him as a kick returner.

If that's what there looking at him for I think its a horrible idea.
First off that will give his body n shoulder a pounding, second do you think he will be happy just returning kicks? There is no room for him in the backfield and with a winning team I wouldn't want to take the chance he could break the locker room.

I know many will disagree with me, but if there is another team in the CFL that needs a power running back more than the Ticats, I can't think of it. A healthy Lumsden would be the one ingredient that would take us to the Grey Cup. Cobb certainly does not appear to be the guy that is going to do it.
i don't see much downside in signing the guy for very little, putting him in and sitting Cobb. If he gets reinjured, we could always go back to Cobb who might, in the meantime, learn a thing or two about running over guys from Lumsden.

Why hasn't anyone considered his as a slotback? He'll take a helluva lot less punishment.

I agree that we really need a big rb who can run right through people, I just don’t think its JL.

I wouldnt mind having him back or even Kenton Keith.

I said that in a thread a few weeks ago, if KK is healthy id like to see what he can do.

I’d rather try to outbid the other teams and land an all-star DE in Baggs and then maybe trade Long or something for the rights to a RB.We need a high caliber DE.Just think of Stevie Baggs across from a Hickman/McIntyre rotation.Potent.

I can't see why you would not want JL with the exception that he may get injured. He is the best power running back out there. Yes, he may get hurt, which brings us back to the status quo. On the other hand he may not, which gives us potentially the best power back in the league with huge speed and a ratio buster. I think the upside is just too compelling not to consider him. Especially since the cost has to be close to nothing at this time with an incentive package to boot. I for one would be lining up for tickets to see Lumsden in a Ticat uniform.

And I think we can have Baggs and Lumsden. It's not an either or because Lumsden has to come cheap.

I'm all for bringing Lumsden back. Yes injuries are a concern, however when healthy Lumsden was without a doubt the best running back in the league. He's had a long time off, perhaps he's healthy now.

I hate when people say this...
How can you even consider JL as one of the best backs in the league? There is more to a great running back than just big plays, you need to last at least a full season and he has never done that.

it's real simple —
better is better.

and better is lumsden.
by far.
get over it! the season hangs by a thread, as we have absolutely no run game, and we'll go nowhere without one.

Get over what...
JL isn't on our roster, all im saying is id rather have them bring in someone else.
There are thousands of backs out there how we can not find any is beyond me.

As a Bomber fan may I add two words from our experience to this discussion:

Buck Pierce.

All the same arguments or analogies apply. If we signed Jesse, we'd probably end up with the most talented 9-game injured list in the league.

I'm sure we can and will find one.

Lumsden is not better. The people who want him back all seem to say that "WHEN he's healthy he's a great RB".... that's the problem-- he is so rarely healthy that it is not worth bringing him in. It's not that he's a great back, it's more that on those rare occasions that he is healthy he has the potential to have a great game. Or at least, he was. Time will tell if that's still the case, if he catches on elsewhere.

When we had him, people talked about how it was wonderful to have a ratio-buster like him at RB. Thing is though, he was injured so often that he ended up being a ratio-messer-upper... you needed a first string potential RB behind him, and if that person was an import (likely), then you had to juggle the rest of the lineup to accommodate.

I wish him well in Winnipeg, and hope we are able to get our RB issues settled soon.