who thinks lumsden is over rated.

i do, he was horrible in seahawk camp, he only got to go to seahawks camp becasue his daddy is freinds with people there and he played university ball in the worst league possible

IM not trying to bash the ti-cats cause u guys are my 2nd fave team behind the eskies but. dont give up troy davis to keep jesse lumden,

next year i hope we trade jason for troy davis though :wink:

any thoughts

I wouldn’t worry about Lumsden right now. Your team was just DEMOLISHED, OWNED, BENT OVER AND ******'D ROYALLY.
It looks like Edmonton’s win last week over the Lions was over rated big time. :lol:

The Esks already got Davis for nothing. What were the Ticats thinking?

OK man, whoever wrote this is gay. Lumsden rules, have you not seen the guy run? And at the seahawks camp he was injured just so you know. Tard. Anyway, I'll have you know he's an amazing player, and i wish him the best.
And who the hek is this "Jason"? :?

I would assume he meant Maas.

Lumsden is overrated right now. I'm not ready to sing his praises yet. I wouldn't be too impressed because he had a good game against the 'Gades. (Not offense Ott, but you know what I'm trying to say). Regardless of whether or not we get Maas now is pointless. Do you realized what Maas would have to do next year? I would except nothing less than a Grey Cup. I love the Cats, be as an organization we are a joke. Right now, if the rumours are true, we would have traded Davis, Monford and Comiskey for Maas. That's horrible. I'm never going to stop cheering for the Tiger Cats, but I can get mad at them for being stupid, and we are the stupidest, worst run franchise in pro sports.

Lumsden is overated.

Anybody talking SMACK about Jesse KNOWS NOTHING about football, period.

The kid can FLAT OUT PLAY ... he hits like a truck and runs like a freakin' gazelle.

My WORRY is he takes another shot at a SPECIAL TEAMS gig in the NFL.


Anyone who knows football knows that Jesse needs to learn to not stand up straight when he's running. He' s going to get his head and the ball ripped off his body. And that is not me opinion. That is what the boys on Friday Night Football were saying about him. But I'll never say he's not good, because he's great. But he's not the hero on the field people are saying he is. But I'd love to be wrong if he rushes to 2,000 yards next year. I love being wrong in those cases.

I believe it is too early to tell. But so far the kids shows he just might be a keeper for the cats. That see what he can do in a full season before saying the guy is over rated after all he is a rookie.

Jesse Lumsden will be a star in the CFL if he stays.

Jesse won't be invited to and NFL Camp this off season.

I agree with what Chris Shultz said about whether Jesse
will be getting a 2nd look in the NFL

He said when non-drafted players get invited
to an NFL Training Camp and don't make it,
they seldom get a 2nd chance in the NFL..