Looks like your D's job just got much easier for Thursday. Jesse Lumsden has a minor injury which, because of the short recovery time (Sun-Thurs) is forcing him to sit out this week. Tre Smith and Terry Caulley are very capable backups so watch for them.

Hoping for a good game on Thursday!

...ah crud, I was looking forward to seeing him run and what our D could do, if anything, to stop him...

Yea, as a Stamp fan its easy to appreciate that our ā€œdā€ should have it a little easier now but, as a pure football fan who appreciates the raw talent of a Lumsden (Canadian back) to boot.

I was also looking forward to watching him.

Hope its not serious.

No, not serious. It's just a precautionary measure.

He got a helmet to the knee on Sunday and it strained a couple of ligaments. He was still able to finish out that game, but they don't want to aggrevate it next game. He will play on the 25th vs. Edmonton

Back for Edmonton, haha even better :twisted:

It was a lot of fun watchin lumsden play against bc. He seemed to enjoy anitiating contact. I would like to see him run with the ball. Looked like he was using the damaged shoulder to make the hits. Prooving a point maybe. So hopefully he has a big game against the cats for revenge and another big game against Edmonton in the west final. Like redemption! So far one game and no injuries.... New record

Yeh, I noticed him lean into a block with his shoulder and was waiting for him to turn around with his arm hanging limply at his side but he didn't even wince.

Great to see him get that touchdown, and the reaction on the sidelines. I hope they give him some more time at RB against winnipeg. That shoulder looks fine, his balance on that last play looked a little off though...

I was extatic to see him on the offense. Getting great Canadian attack together. I couldn't be happier then when everyone on the sidelines congadulated him. Awesome lumsden. Keep it up!

was happy to see Jess get some Carries ..

You mopped the floor with us congrats..

I felt the reffing was hard on Hamilton for the first quarter or so. I hope the stamps can keep this momentum rolling. Stala should be happy the east final will be indoors

a lot of people say i was way off the mark when i said this was a good pickup. then they said "i told you so" when he got hurt... again... but calgary picked up his option hear, and as far as i know he will be comming to training camp to compete for a roster spot. i still want to see jessie get this shot. he could add something to the stamps. maybe a healthy lumsden is the missing peice.

Well if he can somehow not be Humpty Dumpty once again for the n'th year, anything he contributes would be a totally unexpected bonus. No way the Stamps should be relying on anything coming from Lumsden though. Still a reclamation project. Saying he is the missing link to winning the Cup is something I would not bank on at all.

I guess I know in my heart he's not the missing piece. Honstly, in just so disgruntled about loosing the west final two years in a row. When we won the grey cup, I thought we had a dynisty in place. Now is puke green and Montreal. With ottawa doing an expansion draft, and all the free agents... How long can we keep this team together? I eat sleep and breathe stamps football. In huff we trust!