Anyone who didn't think Lumsden was for real certainly does now. The Ticats need to come up with more creative ways to get him the ball. And look out.

Im pretty well convinced...but unless the D can keep the games close in the first half, Jesse isnt going to have much of an opportunity in the second half.

Although they have vastly different styles, he reminds me of a big Mike Pringle, eating up those yards to bury teams in the second half.

Is this the same person who trashed him in the off-season??

I'm glad to see you warm up to Lumsden so quickly! :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm trying not to be a smart A$$ LOL :lol:

we need Major Help at Defence Tackle
CP and JL did there best to keep us in it.
Also Coverages was too Soft in Game.
We got pick apart cause of no Pressure.

Hey, my biggest issue wasnt with him...I knew he could play. My prob was with the fans that wanted to put him in the HOF by Labour Day!

If he stays healthy and the Cats play well enough to keep him involved in the game, he just may be the leading rusher. The D has to do a LOT better though. If the cats fall behind by 14 or so....he is much less effective.

As far as being a smart ass...its OK

Was I a smart ass after the opener????LOL :lol:

Hey, I agree we definitely need some help on defense. As for Lumsden I haven't put him in the HOF yet but IMO if he is healthy he is the best running back in the CFL.

You had a right to be a smart A$$ after the opener, we flat out stunk the joint up. I'm just happy we bounced back and handed the next beating to the blue team.

As for this week I'm not at all disappointed with the team for losing because they were competitive. Regardless of that fumble play, the rules are the rules and we just have to move on but I feel bad for Calgary because these Cats are not going to be a happy bunch in week 4. :lol:

"m pretty well convinced...but unless the D can keep the games close in the first half, Jesse isnt going to have much of an opportunity in the second half. "

18 to 8 isn't close?...10 points?...

He`s a great player and the Als could only wish they had a Rb as great as he is !!!

They need to stop giving him the ball so much, I cant remember the exact play but it was nearing the end and lumsden got the ball 3 times in a row and he got stuffed and we had to punt.

It is close...thats why he tore it up in the second half today

I said to a friend of mine after his big run at the end of the third q. Lumsden makes you hold your breathe. Just never know when the big one is coming

Lumsden is great. Good to see that they are giving him more touches.

Too many times last year, the Ticats D got burned in the first two or three drives and we were down 14-0. They would then stop giving the ball to Jesse.

IMHO, if your plan is to give the ball to Jesse 20-25 times, don't sway from that, no matter what the score is after the 1st quarter. He's a bigger weapon then our passing game. He'll get the yardage.

He is the real deal. The Cats better get him under contract or next year he may end up in Double Blue.

IF He Wins the Rushing Title in May be Another NFL Shot.

That ship has sailed...

Just not good enough...

I think that he has mentally prepared himself to become a CFL superstar. You can't do that if you are running down south every year or so.

Oh he is good enough. They just never gave him a chance. But I think you are right. His opportunity to head south has probably ended. The Cats had better sign him soon and for some big numbers...

I think you'll find Printers will be the next one re-trying the waters in the NFL, he's already mentioned a few times "going back".

Not sure but do we not only have him locked for this year and next?

Good luck to Jesse if he tries but I think he's seriously having some fun now adn not spending much time thinking about leaving.

Neither of them will get another serious shot. Casey's been down there for two years and Jesse's had two training camps. I think any interest that was there is gone now, especially as they are older than 25. There's just so many players trying to make it, that they are off the radar now. If either of them ever did make it, then good for them, but I think they are both ready to make a career of it in the CFL.

I think Printers could have been a quality player in the NFL. The Chiefs saw something to sign him to a 3 year contract. With logistics, politics, etc it did not happen. Kudos to him for coming in hear with all the swagger and cockiness that he did. He could have appeared as though this was a 2nd choice to his NFL dream, but he did not talk about that. He was hear to play football for Hamilton and told Tiger-Cat fans to get out the popcorn and get ready. I liked that. (I guess it doesn't hurt either that he we pay him more than the Chiefs did.)

If University of Western's Tim Tindale made a 3 year career before injuries as an NFL backup fullback....then Lumsden easily should be playing NFL as a starter in my opinion and still could be after he rewrites the record books this year. Again, logistics and politics will have to be on his side, because it appears that is much what it is about in the NFL. Although I'm really glad he's here rather than in the "No Fun League".

The Way he's running LEAVE HIM ALONE