Great Game Birthday Boy! I’m impressed.

I think the best is yet to come.

I agree, I always stood behind the fact that you can't win in the CFL basing the offense around the run, I am proud to say that Jesse has changed my mind on that one.

He has soooo many "Bobby Orr" head fakes it's scary........he blows me away!.........I've never in my life seen a runner like this kid!

Take notice of how the running game opens up the passing game.

Take notice also of the increased confidence now shared by players, coaches and fans.

Jesse ran for 211 yards tonight against possibly the best defense in the league.

Happy birthday, Jesse!

Forgive me for editing your post.

He was a monster tonight and kicked our a##, you've got a good one. Now do it to Toronto or Montreal please.

Always willing to help out (especially when first place might still be possible :wink: ).

After Lumsden got 211 rushing yards, that puts him in the CFL lead with 554 yards. Joe Smith is in 2nd with 433. He also got 16 receiving yards, putting him in the lead in yards from the line of scrimmage, with 788 yards.

And Troy Davis still has the record for most rushing yards by a Ticat in a game with 233 on Labour Day 2004. You can click here to see that. Will that record be broken soon? I thought it might have been broken tonight.

A smart GM would be on the phone to his agent right now. I'm sure Marcel is smart. Don't know if he'll be successful, but I'm REALLY hoping he will be.

I was corrected on the 5th quarter!

As coach Sardo said;

Jesses is actually signed through next year with an option after that...



The Lummer isn't going anywhere pal. :cowboy: