Maybe it's because I'm not from Hamilton...

But I still don't see the love affair with Jesse Lumsden.

During the first half of todays game I was off my seat cheering for him. That one run was awesome.

Then he went to bed.

He's too big and runs too upright.

Every big run he makes he has to shake off a few tacklers... but that doesn't happen often enough.

He can't run through holes... too easy to tackle.

Maybe use him as a fullback or something.

I just don't see Jesse being a premier runningback in the CFL.

You may have hit the nail on the head. He's shown us very little this year. I say trade him!

He had absolutely no blocking .Everytime he got the ball he was swarmed with tacklers.The two runs he did make he had to shed tacklers in the backfield.He is the type of runner that needs the ball20+ times a game.

The guy has speed, power, and he is Canadian ... I suggest everyone just get used to the IDEA that Jesse Lumsden will be in the Hamilton backfield for the forseeable future.


There were holes? comes down to the offensive line. They provided absolutely no holes and very little protection for both QB's.

This has been a major problem with this team all year AND last year.

I hate to suggest this but perhaps Hamilton should look at trading either Ranek/Lumsden/Holmes for some frontline help. I don't think it makes sense to keep all three when a team can only use at most two of them.

There was no bloody blocking today. The best backs on the continent can't run through walls

Anyone who suggests we trade Lumsden is NOT a fan of the Tiger-Cats.

Lumsden is excellent , he runs hard and breaks alot of tackles . TO run him off tackle and not straight ahead on second ans short is just stupid . Who calls these plays ? How many times in the last few games have we been stuffed on second and short ??

here we go again. if he gets stuffed oline is garbage . if he goes for a gain he is an nfl superstar gracing us with his presence. he cant lose. heres a question has this "superstar" rushed for a 100 yard in a game yet? seriously just a question i m not sure if he has. im sure he will at some point.

When was the last time you saw Lumsden being taken down by only player?

I'm rather impressed with Lumsden's open field speed & ability to break tackles. The off-tackle play on 2nd & short was a bad play call.

With chemistry & timing that comes from playing together with the o-line, Lumsden has the potential to be a workhorse of a CFL back...

thats why we r going to have jesse n holmes for next season as out one two punch, Thunder N Lighting! we will use jesse on screen plays, up the gut short yardage and to pass to out of the backfeild. holmes will b used as the slotback/ slippery running back to run through holes.

Newworld , when was the last time he got 20 carries which is the minimum amount for most RBS to get thier 100 + yds. You know this of course , but just want to crap all over the guy . If you werent impressed by his runs yesterday you dont like football .

Why they went away from the running game is beyond me . Even the panel on TSN wanted him to get more carries . Probably the best run he had was for 1 yd . He broke a tackle and turned a 5 yd. loss into a 1 yd gain .All on power and good balance . With him and Holmes next season our running game will be as good as any in the CFL .

The blocking was not very good. Lumsden has all the tools and will be a force. I'd love to see the Cats do what the Argos are doing with Williams and Avery, have Lumsden as a fullback and Holmes or someone else as the tailback in a two back set where both backs have speed, rather than just a fullback who is 240 lbs for blocking purposes only. This would be difficult to defend agains't, using lots of swing-outs also from this set.

I got out of my seat TWICE yesterday. Once for Morreale's SPECATCULAR catch and Lumsden's FIRST half runs. What happened to the offense? Once again I have to say NO COACHING means NO OFFENSE!! Stop bashing the players and put the blame where it lies.

It's hard to run the ball very well when there's one or two defensive players in the backfield before you even get the handoff.

The players (not all of them) are a bunch of losers and quitters. It's obvious in their play. Disgraceful.

Lumsden's going to be a star in this can't expect a big run every time he carries the ball. Sometimes teams run plays that go nowhere to set up one that will...but Lumsden is going to be a threat for a long run just about every time he touches the ball but it just won't happen every time.
One flaw, that can be corrected, is that he rarely transfers the ball from his right hand to his left on sweeps around the left end...I felt he could have run for more yards on a sweep yesterday if he had transferred the ball and used his right hand to ward off the tackle.
But he's going to be alright, you can't teach him to be that big and fast and know how to run to daylight.
"Earl" has a good point...put Lumsden and Holmes in the same backfield and maybe throw Radlein in as a TE on first down to block the small OLB's teams are going with now and see what happens. It would really open up the deep pass providing Desjardins can find that go to WR and of course Maas can return to form next year.

I think anyone who thinks Lumsden was the problem yesterday needs to open their eyes a little wider.

The man had no blocking at all, how is he supposed to run the ball when as soon as he gets the ball there are 2 guys on top of him. Sorry, but the line was awful yesterday. 0 protection, 0 holes.