once jesse changed shoes, he was unstopable...where do i get my new lumsden jersey?

Yesa Jesse is pretty explosive! Fun to watch, let the trade rumours begin. Here is the first one: Josh Ranek has apparantly inquired into breaking his lease agreement for his apartment in Hamilton! Geroy Simon wants to be traded from BC and play for the Ticats this year!

K. last one is not so believable.

just give ranek up for free in the ottawa expansion draft....

that saves ottawa from pickin up someone useful from hamiltons roster, and ottawa gets a player fans already like.

u wouldnt get much for ranek anyways, cuz who needs him?

montreal- edwards
toronto - avery
hamilton - lumsden / holmes
ottawa - ?
winnipeg - roberts
sask - kieth
calgary - reynolds
edmonton - davis
bc - smith

the CFL is pretty deep in RBs right now, so ranek is not gonna get u much....especially with antonio warren still floating around.

225 lbs and fast and with a determination to excel. This kid IS the real deal. And classy spoken. In a post-game interview, he said he was too tentative while the holes were there. Nice stuff, shows he isn't a prima donna, he is his own worst critic.

Jesse found seams when needed and had no problem moving the pile when the seams just weren't there.

It wasn't a 100 yard night for him but hopefully once he gets a bit more acclimated to our current offense (re-acclimated?) we'll see a much higher average per carry.

Ranek is trade bait now that Holmes and Lumsden are in the fold!!!!

I have to break a few people's dreams, but what happens WHEN he gets injured?

Are you suggesting that we keep Ranek just in case?


use holmes exclusivly.

Sports Obsession…I ordered mine last week!! Suppose to be ready for the next home game (Sept. 30). Hope to be one of many with one on :lol: We have followed Jesse since he started to play with Mac, so this is a nice treat to have him home again!!

the way the tabbies have played the last 2 weeks have shown me they are still capable of being a very exciting team, now that maas is back in fine form...

im actually considering season tickets for next year, depending on the CFL schedule.

I dont think twice about season tickets next year, even with their record I still have way too much fun at a packed stadium!

As the Eskimo fan sitting next to me at Commonwealth stadium said last night, "the guys got some serious wheels".

That was the first time I have seen him play live. It was exciting. I envy all of you in Hamilton that get to watch him every home game for the next year and a bit.

just watched the game again. Wicked!

the way the tabbies have played the last 2 weeks have shown me they are still capable of being a very exciting team, now that maas is back in fine form...
Just realize Drummer that Edmonton is probably the second worst team in the CFL right now Unless you consider that we second worst & they are the Worst we are getting better but we still have along way to go . We are now makingprogress thanks to the new GM Plus sally doing a good job with the O Line

…Forget the jersey I would like to know were you get shoes like that. :smiley:

Welcome back Jesse!!!! Looking forward to cheering you in person on Saturday. You are the spark this team needed.

credit where credit is due.