Brought back JUST to sell Season tickets???

I don't think so!!!!

I was never excited about the running game...until now.

i didnt think he would make a big difference but enjoyed watching him tonight

i didnt think he would make a big difference but enjoyed watching him tonight


Like Holmes, Lumsden seems to be able to make something out of nothing. Ranek..... not so much.

Jesse gives our O a new look. :smiley:

nice first game back

He got the Cats into scoring range, almost got a td, and kept the Esks defense on the field late in the game!

Can you imagine a full season of the guy?????

Thank you Jesse, I love you :smiley: :lol:

In 2nd gear this guys a…

R O C K E T !!



For a big guy, he has incredible acceleration and speed once he gets it into gear. We saw it on that nice screen pass. He needs about 5 yards and then it's almost impossible to bring him down because he's not only got speed, but he's so strong.

/me loads up the NEW Jesse Lumsden bandwagon... C'mon people.. let's go for a reide..

Jesse is an amazing RB he will excite us for the next 2+ years

I did not realize 47 yds in 14 carries was that impressive but to each their own. He did have a couple nice carries, and a big catch near the end though.

Feistyboy, you also have to consider that we were giving a look to some rooks/non-starters on the o-line. We didn't have Smith, Woodard, Cheron, Hage, or Hudson in there.

Well Woodard was there.
But while the line did pass-block well, the run-blocking wasn't always there. Edmonton got penetration on quite a few running plays and stopped Lumsden at the line or behind it a few times, keeping the average down. And he never was able to really break one, except for the screen pass.
Still a good first game.

Actually that is true. So that made it more challenging for him, plus it was his first game back. So overall pretty good.

Great game Jesse! What a difference in the offence.