Lumsden - worth the price of admission!

?We have and had had many quality Canadian FB’s and RB’s over the years....... Jarret Smith, Rads, Lee Knight, Ernie Shraymyer, Santucci, Jed Tommy, Randy Bowles, Paul Bushey,
Eric Lapointe, Neil Lumsden, Mcorquindale, Dave Dinall, Kojo Aidoo, Jerry McDougal, Jeff Piercey....... the list goes on. However, we have never had a Canadian player quite like Jessie Lumsden in our backfield. I hope everyone realizes and appreciates how lucky we are to have the best Canadian RB we have EVER had, in the lineup of the current Hamilton Tiger-Cat's Roster!!!!!! Why do I even have to say the word “Canadian?? Well it seems to apply to how
we rate our prospects, but Jessie is an anomaly. Why isn’t this guy appropriately appreciated for the ability he possesses and the excitement he generates? Have we ever seen a Tiger-Cat RB rip through lines and sprit faster than DB’s on route to a TD than Jessie Lumsen in recent years? Name one. We were treated to 10 games last year. There is much more to come and I find it hard to believe that he is not part of the foremost hype within the CFL media. He has a new shoulder that the doctors say is the most solid part of his body. He alone is worth the price of a ticket. I hope Tiger-CAt fans will go out and witness the greatest RB the Cats have had since Jimmy Edwards!!!!!!

I agree. Jesse is a fountain of potential. He has the mad skills to damage teams at any time. It should be an interesting season for us to sit back and enjoy. Hopefully we don't rely too much on him and burn him out.

jesse is one of, if not THE, most exciting young player in the league today.

Very impressive. He single handly almost beat the BC Lions last season!

Take Kojo Aidoo out of that list :slight_smile:

Although a CFL bust to some degree after a serious leg injury....has stuck around for 3 CFL seasons and was a Hec Crighton winner, while setting a university rushing record. So he stays.

One thing about Bellefeuille's offense it creates a lot of missmatch for the RB and with Linebackers having to contain Printers. If he can stay healthy Lumsden has the potential to rewrite Pringle's single season rushing record.

isnt derrick mcadoo an american?

Beetlejuice...pretty sure he was born in Pensacola, Florida

Thanks so much, you can call me beet!

Lumsden is great and our ground game as a whole is very good and very deep. I sure hope he has a healthy year but knowing we dont lose all that much with an injury(knock on wood) is a bonus for a team building like us. It also gives us the luxury of spelling him now and then without losing much. I have confidence in our ground game regardless of who is back there. Lumsden has to stay healthy before we can compare him to edwards or troy davis either.

Lumsden left, Lumsden Right, Lumsden up the gut. Screen pass to Lumsden, draw play to Lumsden, swing pass to Lumsden, shovel pass to Lumsden,direct snap to Lumsden.Lumsden off tackle, reverse to Lumsden AND Fake reverse Lumsden. TouchDown,s TiCats :rockin:

8) He most certinly is !!!!

your forgot Eric Lapointe....the guy was a bull....too bad he had injury problems, here and in Montreal

Time will tell if he is the greatest Canadian RB. The last Canadian to run for over 1,000 yards in a season was Sean Millington, is Lumsden better than Millington? Lapointe was also an excellent Canadian RB.

The greatest Canadian RB would have to be Ron Stewart in Ottawa, the guy still holds the single game rushing record I think its 230 yards.

Winnipeg runs a little guy named Charles Roberts like that

so why can't the Ticats do the same with Jesse
once they are confident he is 100% healthy? :smiley:

I'd love to see more swing passes and screens to the rb's this year, love these plays.

Stewart was a great back. We tend to forget the earlier guys. I've seen vids of another Canadian back, Normie Kwong who is a HOFer who looked really good too back in the 50's too.

I think Lumsden has the potential to be a great back if he can stay healthy. So far, that's a big 'if'.

An Argo-Cat fan

He's already a great back in my books.

Sure he's not played many games, but boy, has he done some very special things already, and more than a few.

Averaged 7.6 yards per carry last year! Wow!

If he never played another down, ten years from now he'd only be a footnote in the team's history. Just another 'would, coulda, shoulda'.

At this point, I'd say he has great potential to be a great back but I've got to see it game after game for a few more seasons.

An Argo-Cat fan