Lumsden wins National Title

Lumsden and Lueders became the national two man bobled champions on the weekend.
Olympic bound?

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(I’m going to hate myself for this…)

Wow, it looks like his career is going downhill even faster than I thought.

This may honestly be a better career for Jessie. He is far too injury prone for football.

Good for him. Not sure how he's going to squeeze Olympic training into the period between June 7 and November - that leaves just Dec, Jan and a few days in Feb to train recover from football and train for the Olympics. I'm pretty sure it will take more than 2.5-3 months to train for that.


Why discuss an Eskimo when a TC won the equivalent national title in the 4-man competition on Sunday?
Former U. of Sask. football player Lyndon Rush and Chris LeBihan finished second in the 2-man event on Saturday and then took Rob Gray and CHAD REMPEL aboard for their title ride on Sunday.

GOOD ONE :smiley:

Oh boy! The national title!

How many bobsledding teams are there in Canada?

:thup: My thumbs up to both Jesse and Chad. Congratulations on achieving what so many others on this site can only hope for! :thup:


More bobsledding teams than professional football teams, I'll bet. Yet I'd be thrilled to see the Cats be the one of eight to win the National title. :wink:

Bet there's not more bobsledding teams than football teams in Canada.

Why limit football to professional teams?

How many professional bobsledding teams are there?

Congrats to both Chad and Jesse. Gotta support guys who may represent our country.

It's quite an accomplisment for both of them especially since they are quite new to the sport.

I used to think this was a tough sport. :roll:

Apparently after practicing for a week you can win a National Championship. :roll: :roll:

Then after that, you're good enough for the Olympics. :roll: :roll: :roll:

So much for my thoughts.

Hendy77, since its only 2009, talk to your boss at work and tell him you need 8 days off in the winter of 2010 because you're going to go to Vancouver, practice for a week, and then compete in the Olympics. According to you this is not a tough sport, so you might as well do it!

I get hendy77's point.

Of course the average person wouldn't be able to make an olympic bobsled team, but apparently it's easy enough for some athlete's of other disciplines to do it without much sport specific training.

How many bobsledders can switch over to football without having played the sport first? Not many, if any, I'd guess.

I think it's one of those silly obscure sports that hardly anyone participates in. Conversely how many forms of football are played across the country, from touch football, to flag football to full contact football.

In Hamilton, we have a minor football league, most highschools play football, touch football leagues that incslude a women's league. Mac has a football team, Mohawk had touch football (not sure if they still do), Hamilton Hurricanes, The Iron Men etc

How much bobsledding goes on in Hamilton, or how many Hamiltonians participate in bobsledding?

I think bobsledding is just one of those sports that requires you to be in very good physical condition, but does not require much specific talent or strategy. It's like sprinting. Both are considered sports but simply require the individual participating in them to train in order to acquire strength and endurance. I'm sure Jessie has been preparing for the upcoming football season all off-season long and has maintained his peak physical condition. Fortuantely he can also apply this to bobsledding. It's not like he's been sitting around drinking beer all off-season long watching tv(well at least I hope not) and then just happens to win a national championship in bobsledding.

True, it does require peak physical conditioning. But, it also requires specific talent. In order to be the best you need a certain combination of speed, strength, and maybe endurance that only a few possess. Someone with the abilities of say a "Hershel Walker". Oh wait, he was on the USA Olympic 2-man bobsled team. ""Walker" competed in the 1992 Winter Olympics in two-man bobsled, finishing seventh.[11] He ran the 100 meters in 10.22, the 100 yards in 9.3. He also won back-to-back American Superstars competitions in 1987 and 1988." So I highly doubt just any athlete could pick up the sport and excel.

found a video of jesses first trial run, hope he gets better with practice.

Keep in mind that this was only the Canadian National title of bobsledding - you know, poor coaching, inferior competition and all that. Now had he won the NCAA bobsledding title, then we'd be able to say he had accomplished something.

He said I can.

When do I start??