Lumsden up to his same old tricks?

Lumsden possibly injured, looks like it could be a separated left shoulder OUCH!!

Lumsden may be hurt again... Big surprise... Lol...

Haha, the guy is such a china doll. Thank God we got him off of our hands before he stole all of our money.

His left shoulder is toast…

Every hit he take, I cringe

especially that last one where he got up favouring his shoulder

i truly feel bad for the guy

Cripes you guys are fast.

I saw the play, the replay, ran to the computer, and the thread is started already.

First game, first quarter....hurt again.


Time for that boy to retire he is made of glass not even a hard hit if ppl cant say he is injury prone i dont what it is he isnt even that good total rush yards 8 ticats are eatting their words now bet they wish he signed here

wow one game lol

lumsden dislocated shoulder on a very average hit by Shabazz in the first quarter...

Do we really need 3 threads about this??

Yeah, it didn't look good at all...

he couldn't even make it out of the first quarter, its kinda sad

Kind of sad really, another dislocated shoulder. This could be the end of his career. How many times is he going to get injured.

the more the better.

Gotta feel for him. All the rehab and wham, out again. Hopefully it's not as bad as it looks.

Is the left shoulder the one that got operated last year?

Well he may be injury prone but Cauley is hurt again and so is Smith so are they imjury prone also ??

Kind of sickening scene with the trainers putting his shoulder back in... Gotta be some major pain.
You have to think Edmonton was expecting this. I've already scene them use 4 backs in this game and with McCarty they will be fine.
Looking forward to the TSN studio's take at half time.



Well Mean , i totally agree with you and lets hope Jesse isnt hurt as bad as it looks .