Lumsden Trade / Trade Deadline Oct 8 - Article

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The author of this article is crazy if he thinks Obie is going to trade Lumsden for any of the benchwarmers he discusses. JR LaRose? Please!

If Obie helps any playoff team make a real run at the Grey Cup by trading Lumsden to them, they will have to trade us at least one starter, and probably their first round pick next year.

Anything else, and Lumsden walks away from Hamilton at the end of the year. And I'm sure Obie would be fine with that now that we have KK.

8) Very interesting article, thanks for that link !!
 If a CFL insider says he expects Lumsden to be traded before the deadline, then that rumour is probably true.  The bigger question will be, who will we get for him from Edmonton  ??

 Let's hope that Obie gets something of equal value at least in this trade !!

 It does make sense to trade Lumsden now if they feel he is not going to re-sign here.  At least get something for him now, instead of nothing later on  !!!

How do you get equal value for an injury riddled soon to be free agent? Plus, it would be tough for a playoff bound team to part with a starter. I would pretty much take anything that Obie thinks would help for next year i.e. draft pick or a player. Even if it is depth player like Knowlton was for BC last year.

i agree. i will take anything obie can get for lumsden at the moment. why let the guy walk when you can get somthing for him?

I like the idea of Kelly Campbell coming here in Deal for Jesse.
He is a True Deep threat and Great KR…

add Aaron Fiacconi to OL or Draft Pick and we could have a Deal.

Come on now! Are you serious? I am sure Edmonton would be more than willing to part with their leading receiver, who happens to be 4th in the CFL for yards.

8) Come on now !! They would be getting our rushing leader in return !!! :wink:

I think Obie should at least get a starter from Edmonton or any team. We already got taken on the Moreno trade. We don`t need another draft pick. Any team knows the potential of Lumsden when healthy. Therefore Obie should try to get a starting lineman or D-Lineman, receiver.

Since Obie and every other GM in the CFL, as well as fans, know that:

  • we are set at RB having just signed Kenton Keith, and with Caulley and Smith on hand as well as Lumsden,
  • Lumsden is very good but repeatedly injured and has yet to play a full season anywhere in his pro career,
  • Lumsden is a free agent this winter and has stated that he intends to test his value in the market,
  • we appear to be prepared if not resigned to losing Lumsden by virtue of the Keith signing

I would say we can expect very little in trade for Lumsden. If we bargain too hard, Lumsden waits till FA time and goes where he wants and we get nothing at all. Even a team trying to beef up for the Grey Cup run will be loathe to part with too much for Lumsden because he is a bit of a gamble; he may not be in good enough health to contribute much this season anyway. Why would anyone give up quality, dependable players for that? Besides, if he is traded he still becomes a free agent this winter and his new team could lose him then just as easily as we could if he plays out the season with us. It would be different perhaps if he signed a new contract first, but he's said he won't do that.

I guess both the player and the GM have a bit of a dice roll to make here. If I were Obie, I'd take draft choices for him while I can get them. Otherwise, hang on to him in hopes of getting him to stay for a reasonable price, keeping fingers crossed re his health.

Anyone that thinks we're going to get a legit top-notch starter for Jesse Lumsden has been breathing in Hamilton air for far too long.

He's a free agent at the end of the year and he's made out of glass.

I'd be happy with an up and coming young player that had potential or a backup O-Lineman (a backup on another team might be a starter on ours).

We don't have the negotiation power. All the other teams know that Jesse is gone next year.

Get what we can, give him a nice farewell card and move on with our lives. He's like an ex-girlfriend... Have some great memories, had some really good times, but there was also tons of heartache, along with knee aches, shoulder aches, ankle aches, etc...

There is no way, that Obie should just take a draft pick for Lumsden. We have been taken once, ie Moreno trade. Sure Lumsden will probably not resign next year. But if we give up Lumsden for a draft pick, that kind of sends a message, that we get taken once too often. We all know the damage, Lumsden can do when healthy. Why give him up for a lousy draft pick.

you have no clue what your talking about. we would look alot stupider if we held onto him just for pride. anything is better than nothing, and with lumsden we have nothing. obie take a draft pick, or a back up we want somthing in return.

Hey Makaveli,

You have no clue what your talking about!! so the ticats give up all their star players for a canadian draft picks, please, give me a break!! It seems that Hamilton has become the kings of trading their starters for draft picks. Its not about pride, its about getting something in return!!!

maby we could get jason goss back??????

Why is everybody stating that Jesse is gone for sure or that Obie is going to trade him for sure.

Nobody knows what is going to happen. All Jesse has stated is that he is going to become a free agent to test his value. If he finds nobody willing to give him what he is looking for and the Cats still are willing to give him what he is looking for then I think he is very likely to stay.

Nobody, including myself knows what Jesse's intentions are.

I hope we don't trade him, I hope we try to re-sign him and I hope in the end he wants to stay.

Why is everybody so sure he wants to play in Edmonton. With Ricky Ray the team does not run a lot. Why would a player want to play in the west where it would be harder to make the playoffs and more difficult to make it to the Grey Cup?

A star player like Jesse is more likely to make an impact in the East vs. West IMO anyway.

Way to much speculation and conjecture and I find it just comical the way everybody "knows" what's going to happen.

I say we keep him and try to sign him and if we loose him so be it. To trade him because we feel he doesn't want to be here sends a dangerous message to all pending free agents not only on our team but possible wanting to come to our team. Dumping players for fear of not re-signing shows that we either can't keep decent players or don't try to keep decent players and both messages are not good ones to send and display the wrong image and attitude than what this team should be working towards.

Lumsden will probably be gone BUT MAN wouldn't it be nice to see Keith and Lumsden in the backfield together. Now that would sell some season's tickets.

I fail to see your logic here Loyal. Trade him and get something. Or hold on to him and get nothing. Who cares if he is a "star" player? One option we get something in return. The other we get nothing. Either way we dont have him in 09


I think there is speculation of a trade because we have an abundance of talent at the RB position, and are in need of a much need lineman, or a receiver. Of course. trading Lumsden is predicted and I would say with good reason.

so if you cant get a starter then what do you do?