Lumsden to test free agency......

Here is the story in the spec....

Lumsden said he does not know what he wants to do, however, isn't ruling anything out as far as free agency. We need you Jeese!! Moving forward; if you are reading are the light that will lead us to the brighter light at the end of the tunnel...if we lose you..i do not see an end to this...Cats management must lock him up to a long-term ext...

Lumsden will be wearing Double-Blue for the next Labour Day game.

Smart move by Jesse, This way he can get the most possible money... Or a shot back in the NFL. Jesse has improved a lot since his last NFL shot with the skins.

Jesse, keep doing what you're doing.. You deserve better then a 2-16 team.. Go back to the NFL. Try to stay positive during this down year for the cats. Don't get down on your self. Don't let the fans drag you down with them..

Dont go..... he is the reason half of the fans go out to the games lately , if the cats dont sign him long term NOW we will lose a ton of fans in the process.

why would he stay? too much losing and negativity, plus there is a revolving door in coaching, you cant blame any player that left.

One thing i can agree with he does draw fans, but he isn't the future in hi s time in hamilton he hasnt made us a better team he doesnt win us more games. he is hurt more often then not and still playing hurt as we speak. his shot at the nfl has long past and i dont think he is even on their radar. In terms of things the cats have to offer him something but to offer him what he may expect well its time to let the guy walk. as weve seen he is more then replaceable but he is cfl version of eric lindros and likely isnt as coveted as he once was by teams in this league. for the good of this organization they have to sit down and bargain and be willing to let him walk if he asks for top flite rb money. they can use that to fill holes elsewhere and improve

I can't blame him for leaving and I won't blame all the fans that leave with him.

Jesse! Bad coaching and the offensive line are not helping enough for you and printers! Hang in there! We will fix this in time!

If he does not want to be here,the let him go.And lets get rid of printers and his salary, and stay with richie and porter. With money saved we can get some decent players that actually want to play here.

He's had a few good games this year, but is always hurt. If he resists Obie's attempts to re-sign him before this year ends, I would trade him to a playoff team that wants to sign him long-term for the best package (IMO, two starters at areas of need).

I would trade Jesse for 2 starting NI O linemen.

He will take off for the money just like his father did. If he doesnt want to be here trade his butt. There are other players suffering the loses and dont see them yakin about jumping ship. I love a hometown guy, but is this really his hometown? I remember meeting Tony Champion at a bar once. All he talked about was getting the season over and getting home because he hated Hamilton. Made me sick I was paying to watch him.

IMO, Jesse doesn't exactly have the greatest position for bargaining. Sure he is a great talent and I would love to see him excel in black and gold. However, he can't stay healthy. If I'm Obie I offer him a number I think is reasonable for an often injured player and he he decides to walk Obie knows he did what was best for the team. It's not worth over paying for him.

I don't think it means anything. Management is trying to get him to sign a contract that is based on his record as injury-prone but with potential before the year is over (lowballing him, at least in Lumsden's eyes, in other words), and he, of course, thinks he has yet to reach his full potential and wants to sign for the kind of money that reflects his full potential. Since his full potential has yet to be realized, he wants to wait and give himself the opportunity to show that potential in the last half of the season.

He may still sign with us, it's in management's best interests to sign him before his full potential is demonstrated, and it's in his best interest to sign once everyone can see his full potential.


If you were Jesse or any free agent in the league, would you want to come here?

I wouldn’t! Why go through a year of struggles with a new HC and coordinators and with another crop of new teammates?

Jesse is a little injury prone and the guys who took his place aren’t bad but if Jesse were 100% healthy, do you think our record would be any better?

We have:
-a pourous o-line
-a d-line that gets no pressure
-a starting qb who doesn’t just throw the ball away and would rather take the sack
-an OC who doesn’t run the ball when we are in games
-a DC who plays too much zone
-a secondary that can’t tackle
-a defense that can’t get sacks
-a defense that never gets to the qb when they blitz

There is probably a lot more than this!

If I were Jesse, I’d get the hell outta here, it’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better. When this team is better, Jesse will be 30 and his running back career will have slowed completely down.

He goes to Toronto, I highly doubt it since they are going to get Kenton Keither, Toronto is fighting with MTL for the next 5 years for the top spot in the East.

He goes to Edmonton, they are going to be at the top of the west every year.

No matter where he goes, he brings an extra element to them. Here in Hamilton, he is our only element.

I thought with Printers coming in, we would have a great 1-2 punch with them but it’s turned out to be terrible. Printers can’t throw the ball for some reason. It started in the 3rd qtr of the Argo game.

I’m about to give up. I didn’t even bother to stay for the autograph session after the game on Saturday cuz I am so over this team.

Big deal, he hasnt take this team anywhere, the only way he can get the big money is if he signs an incentive type contract since he only plays 1 of every 4 games. And for the guy who thinks he will try the NFL again, you gotta be kiddin me

Good bye Don't Door hit on Way out Jesse.
we two good back in Tre and terry
who are have less Injury Issues.

I'd like to see Lumsden stay here.

He's one the few players I get excited about every time he's on the field.

He's a joy to watch push the defenders back like not many other backs can.

And that speed...!

Inregards to Jesse what u do is u offer him a regulars salary for a player of his calibre with a bonus to be paid out in time depending on Jesse's Durability so in short if Jesse stays healthy and earns his pay then he gets a good pay if he doesnt then he gets average pay

we don’t use jesse enough, labour day, we don’t use him in the second half of the game, saturday, i don’t know what was going on

we need to use him more, not just on the running side, more play action.

the problem is that i know when jesse is going to get the ball up in the stands

the defenses set their game plans towards jesse

we don’t scare teams in the passing game, take away jesse, you win, easy as that