Lumsden to slotback

Enough is enough - move Jesse to slotback and pass to him every other play - he can run with the ball after the catch and kick the butt out of the opposition smaller corners and DB's. A prolonged career not having to go against the defensive line and linebackers. What a novelty - Caulley and Smith will do just fine as the field gets spread right out with Jesse getting double coverage half the time - OH OH - bad idea - I forgot - it is a numbers game- can't be done

You're right: Bad idea.

been saying this since last year… either gotta switch him or trade him… hes no good sitting on the bench all year

i wonder what its like to be made of glass

Its funny because every time he has been injured its been by a tackle from behind and from "Smaller Corners DB's"

lol, How about we just give it a rest and let Jesse decide his own future. One thing we do need to get back to is those passes out of the backfield that he dominated the league with last year!

Why do people assume that if Jesse is a great RB that he could be just as good as a receiver?

Even his strongest supporters will concede that his hands are the weakest part of his game. Now you want him to go 25 yds downfield and catch one of Casey's darts or one of William's wobblers?

Watch any CFL highlight reel of "greatest hits". Who do you see taking the biggest hits? Receivers, thats who.

Bad, bad idea

Lumsden does not have great hands. He'd be a mediocre receiver and you'd be losing his rushing strength. Bad idea.

Love to see this but not sure about his hands, good point.

wouldnt work and why do we have another jesse thread just about this now...

he is a rb plain and simple and a damm good one, just wait there is still a lot of season to play and he will be fine.

How about some creativity, from the O.C get the best players on the field together, Lumsden, Caully, Smith. Jo Jo,Bauman, Prechae, Mitchell,and Woodcock

Unfortunately, three of the guys on your list are RBs...

als4ever - is it over you head??, Just because a player is listed as a rb, does not dictate they cant run pass routes , there is unlimited motion in cfl remember! and besides there are more than enough players on my list to adjust for down and have different sets. as Lennon's song said_ Imagine

Hey...I never said I was as bright as you.

BTW, I was trying to be nice but here is the dope...

1-Woodcock is not one of your "best players"

2-Jesse is a great RB when healthy, but he can't catch a cold.

3- Just because someone is a good RB, it doesn't mean that he is a good receiver, completely different set of skills. Most of the CFL receivers have been developing that skill set.

I agree that the cats have a surplus of talent at RB and that any of the 3 could start on a few CFL teams. The problem is that you can't take a guy who has spent most of his career as an RB and turn him into a receiver. Look at the (failed) Dickerson experiment. A fullback couldn't jump over to D

You want to jumpstart the Cat Offense?

Improve the Oline
Commit to ONE QB.
Get or develop one or two REAL receivers.

Nothing wrong with my imagination

re-als4ever - why Dickerson is no longer with the Ticats is "over MY head". as for agreeing not to agree, thats fine , but going with the best ratio players , i think all three running backs can catch just fine, they are running backs because they have good hands. Ticats should drop a couple Import oline men , for nonimports . receivers are good just need coaching.

I think that P-Rod (gotta love that name!) and JoJo have a lot of potential...Bauman is an enigma but at this point in his career you have to expect that and be patient.

If I had to pick one of the three to run pass routes I figure Smith would be the one.

Cant help but feel that Caulley is the RB of the future. With Jesse's injury problems and the fact that he is a free agent next year, I think JL's cat days are numbered.

BTW....agreeing to disagree is ok!

If it was up to be calling the plays.
You would see a lot more screen passes to Lumsden.
That would take away the blitz threat, that the other teams seem to be keying on...when we are on 2nd and long.
Get Lumsden in the open...and he is almost unstopable.


The only move I'd make is trade him while his value may still be moderate. Holding onto him and makin him a slotback or even keeping him at rb eats up valuable cap dollars on someone who is generally hurt. The moneys could be used elsewhere on someone who plays everyday and in an area we need to improve. Moving him to slot what even says he will go for this.

Jesse will have a lot of interest during free agent season. Problem is that fans expect him to carry the offense and this isn't fair to him.

A RB in the CFL is just one cog. Used as a cog, he gives a team a lot of flexibility and

Why would you want to take a RB that averages 7 yards a carry and move him to another position???

Tough words from middle aged men sitting behind a computer terminal or teenaged boys who can only dream of ever reaching the CFL…never ceases to amaze me.