Lumsden to retire

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Good move for him IMO, it was very unlikely that he would salvage his CFL career anyways.Best of luck to him in his future endeavors.

sucks when good talent has to quit early for physical reasons. Still bummed about Dunigan and Bo Jackson.

You know, I’m glad he finally accepted that football just isn’t for him. He has a lot of talent, but he just doesn’t have the body for it. Smart move.

Good luck with the bobsled thing. :thup:

Good frickin riddance. Mr. Roid Rage Glass Man finally realized he can't do football. What an overhyped piece of crap. If he didn't have a Canadian passport, he would have been forced to retire about three years ago.

I'm a little sad. I had hopes he would give it another shot. He looked like he was fitting in Calgary. tough road. I wish him all the best. I would hope he can maybe do some running back coaching maybe. It was sure nice to see him
get that touchdown against Edmonton. It's too bad he never played in a single playoff game. All the best Jessie.

Sucks to see such promise unfulfilled due to injuries but I'm glad he called it quits while he still has a body left.

:? :? Best of luck to him in the future. But since, as he often said publically, that the NFL was his dream - we understand my man, the money - why didn't he announce this on :?

It`s about time. This is the right decision, no question.
Hopefully the sledding works out for him.
You have to wonder what could have been with him. He was terrific when healthy.

I must've missed when he insulted your mother...

If they don’t wear Als colors hey…
Pompous one trick pony.

I just dislike Lumsden. He couldn't stay healthy. He was overrated because of his passport. He wasn't versatile as a back: he couldn't catch passes out of the backfield, pass-block, or do anything except run like an idiot and get himself injured. To top it all off, he got irate with the media for suggesting he was injury-prone. Like I said, good riddance.

Don’t let the opinions of others colour your own. Fact is, Lumsden was a good guy. Made of glass, unfulfilled, overrated, maybe so, but worthy of animosity? I don’t think Lumsden has done anything to deserve it.

Jesse was a good person and it's unfortunate that he never realized his dream of playing in the NFL but such is life, a lot of us have dreams that don't happen, dreams that go unsaid in the public eye.

Do you know Jesse Lumsden personally? Are you friends with him? Can you vouch for his character?

I form my own opinions, thank you.

Made of glass, unfulfilled, overrated, maybe so, but worthy of animosity? I don't think Lumsden has done anything to deserve it.
I don't need a reason for animosity. I don't like Lumsden, which I see no need to justify to you or to anyone else. Now, having said my piece about Lumsden, I won't express my dislike for him any further. If you like him and his retirement fills you with sadness, good on you.

Wow, somebody sure deficated in your Corn Flakes this morning! gawd man...lighten-up....While i respect your opinion you're coming on a little harsh...I wouldn't want you to ever head-up my retirement party :lol: ..Lumsden had a great shot at every football players dream and simply didn't make the grade....I know a few other 'worse' football players, that have hung around this league past their due date, because of their birthplace????...Good luck to Jesse in his sledding...I hope he does well :slight_smile:

Im happy he retired. He is made out of glass.

I love how expressing my dislike for a player must mean I'm being harsh. :lol:

I stand by my opinion, but like I said, I won't go further. He's out of the sport, mercifully, and I have nothing against him personally.

Calling somebody a piece of crap isn't quite on the same level as disliking them. What you posted was more of a rant and most don't rant about somebody they only dislike.

I don't need a reason for animosity
And since you freely admited you don't need any reason for any view you have, please understand if many here don't care about anything you have to say. Seems you're just yapping for the sake of yapping, kinda like a little Chihuahua.

Seriously, why does it bother you so much that someone else dislikes Jesse Lumsden? You can't just accept the fact that not everyone is going to mouth platitudes about how he was a 'great guy' (how do you know? are you BFF with him?) and mourn his departure from the league? Why is that so hard for you to swallow? Why do you have to lob insults my way just because I don't share your admiration for him?

This is the open forum, not a team forum. The title of the thread is "Lumsden to retire," not "Everyone say something nice about Jesse Lumsden." I simply provided my feeling about Lumsden and his retirement. You'd think I ran over Lumsden's dog with my car, judging from your reaction.