Lumsden to have surgery

Just reading Jesse is going under the knife. Didn’t realize he had two separate shoulder problems, one with the clavicle and the other with the shoulder directly. Hope this works out.

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Get well soon, Jesse!

Oski Wee Wee,

In Ontario, everyone waits for surgery.

An Argo-Cat fan

Maybe he/they wanted to see if it would heal without surgery, which makes sense if it was in the grey area of needing it or not.

He'll be fine and blasting his way through the opposition just the way we love to see.

I am having Major Doubts he Can Stay Healthy .
this is due to his Running Style .
I say we Trade him before He Gose back on IR This year.
You know it going to happen
He going to get hurt.
Start Collie and Davis.

He has a History of Getting Hurt
Going back to High School.
The NFL Has already Made there Judgement of him 2 Times.
How can they Be Wrong Twice.
Trade him and get something before the season.
He has proven he can't take the Pounding.

Don't trade him!!!

I hate to say it, but based on what O'Billovich has stated, re: using Americans as starters wherever possible, I think there is a very real chance we may see at least one of our star Canadians (Lumsden, McKay or Ralph) get traded for some DB or WR help.

Why He Can’t stay Healthy
He not worth keeping he Can’t stay healthy
Get someone who can help us at DB or WR
RB we have Depth at .
WR SB and DB We don’t

Let's see how he makes out this year, the guy can move the mail big time as we know and we aren't going to get much for him right now I don't think with him coming off of surgery. Plus I think his NFL chances are done so this is another plus, no leaving for another NFL chance.

We can't do that this is his Option year.
If we wait till after season
we'd have to Resign him to Trade him

I Rather trade him and few other Players to BC Now.
For a Good WR and Player of the Neg list.
The Neg list Obie help make .

Please Obie keep us away from bonehead trades and don’t take advise from these forms. Amen

Two words: Slot Back

p.s. Why would another GM trade for an injury prone running back?

He Won't play Slot he wants to be a Running Back.

I would not trade Jesse for anyone, there is no rb in this league who opens up the passing game as much as he does. Now if we bring in a receiver who puts that same type of fear in a defence we'll then have an unstoppable offence and it won't matter if we have Jim Belushi or Joe Paopao or Bob Barker calling our plays we'll still be able to put 30 on the board against anyone.

If Obie makes a bad trade with Jesse he could be walking the plank real soon and I don't think our new GM is ready for that just yet.

Jesse is still useful to the team, and other teams would be so lucky to have this kind of talent. One more year to prove whether he can remain healthy and still produce at a high level. And a trade would really get the new regime off on the wrong foot in Hamilton. Let's see how Jesse bounces back - he's more than worth the risk.

A few months ago I was among those saying he should be traded because of his vulnerability
and because he has been injured, sometimes, rather severely on every team he has ever played for. I was also among the first to comment on his upright style of running which makes him even more susceptible to injury.

Looking at Jesse's stats, however; at 7.5 yards per carry, I say, "keep him!"
A guy that can lug the leather like him certainly deserves another chance and if he fails, keep one of our other talented running backs around to get the job done. We have plenty of talent in this area.

I think our two main areas of concern are

Sorry I left a sentence unfinished in the above post. I got a phone call and thought the post was complete.

Anyway, I think our two main areas of concern are both on defense. We desperately need an improved secondary and a better rush on opposition QBs.

Our need for better pass receivers and better protection are important areas as well. I am certain, that Obie will get the best out of this team, however, and I'm expecting a playoff spot under his leadership.

If Jesse gets injured again this season it might be time to say, "Jesse, how do you feel about wearin' a number in the 80's."

He'd make one hell of a slotback/wide receiver.