Lumsden to Edmonton, No surprise

It looks like Lumsden is going to follow his Dads footsteps in Evergreen and Gold, according to TSN.

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I'm sure that, given Lumsden's history of injuries, the grass at Commonwealth had to play a role in his decission.

Hunh? Other than when it’s under water, that field is harder than pavement.

And besides, his shoulder injuries are contact injuries, caused primarily by his size and upright running style, not the playing surface he runs on. Unless you figure running on grass will magically lower his pad level…

Seems to me that contact with the ground caused/causes more injuries than contact with the defender

I saw this earlier and wanted to bang my head against a brick wall. What the hell? Why do we need this guy? I like Jesse as much as the next guy... but how many games are we going to get out of him? If they make AJ Harris the back-up to this guy, I'm gonna be royally pissed! :roll:

Actually the Commonwealth field is very soft, I have been on it many times and played rugby next door at Clarke Stadium which is virtually the same turf. Besides the reason grass fields prevent injuries is because grass is more likely to give than artificial turf, the hardness is not a factor.

Lumsden has had problems with leg injuries as well as the latest shoulder injury. The grass may not effect the shoulder but will have a positive impact on the lower body injuries. I am not worried about the shoulder as much as I am the knees. The surgury he had this off season was to repair a torn labrum and he should recover nearly 100%.

This is a great signing for the Esks, he will have a breakout year and will stay healthy.
Conversely the Cats should have signed him at all costs.

I think its a good signing just for the fact its another Canadian on the roster with another Canadian as a fullback Imagine the Wide receivers we will be able to put on the field at any given moment . besides we really don't need to relie on him as much as Hamilton did.

...I think Lumsden will be used primarily in short yardage situations, first and goal type scenarios....which is why I find it strange seeing that BC didn't pick him up for that same reason....

....first and goal = BC's achilles heel...

I disagree.. he'll last a few games, then get hurt again and miss 5 weeks... play another game, get hurt again.

routine for this guy!

Why would anybody sign Lumsden for one year plus that wretched option clause?
Because you know if he has a halfway decent season, he'll bolt for the first NFL offer next year.
I mean what leverage did this guy have to force Edmonton to sign him for only one year?
Like where else was he going to play if no cFL team would sign him for less then 3 years?
I think Edmonton screwed up big time on this one.
They should have told the guy three years or go find a real job.

A new team and playing half his games on grass, something tells me Jesse will have a breakout year to show all of his naysayers.

BC lost Logan and Roberts. Their top RB going into 2009 is Ian Smart. They weren't even mentioned as being interested in Lumsden. THAT is what I find strange.

Sorry Red but Lumsden is far and away more then a ‘‘short yardage’’ guy…WHEN and i say WHEN he is healthy i remmeber telling people he is the Best running back in the league and guy his size that can run as fast as he can…hes a freak…but he gets injured alot…heres hoping hes not the ‘‘marty havlat’’ of the CFL

This is a great signing he's a beast and with McCarty, no ratio issues, look out.

The Esks have the money and resources to provide him with top quality medical care and trainers. He’ll do well there because they will pick their spots for him. The guy still has game-breaking ability if used wisely. He just can’t play 18 games. If they can get six to eight good games out of him, or maybe a six to eight carries a game at most, and keep him healthy for the playoffs, they’ll have made good use of him.

I think it’s a good move. Adds some much needed muscle to their anemic running game. Platoon him, rest him often, put him in occasionally to give the offense a different look. Besides, he has some size as a blocker.

And that's the key thing, when he's healthy. And these days that isn't often...

I wouldn't mind that. I like Harris, and I think he should be the starter. Lumsden can back him up.

I'd like to see Calvin McCarty start for us, Lumsden can back him up.

Lumsden, if healthy, will start in the backfield, make no mistake about that. The prime reason for signing him is the Import Ratio and to pay him the big bucks they undoubtably are and start an American is not going to happen. Sorry chief but Harris is not going to be ahead of Lumsden on the depth chart and McCarty is likely to be the number 2 guy. Look for Harris and/or Damien Anderson on the trade block or on waivers.

Thats a dumb move to take jesse he gets hurt and if they paid him over 100k the gm of that team is a fool…he is canadian with decent talent but has rpoven he couldnt take a hit even though he did way better at the nfl combine than ronnie brown of the nfl…jesse should of played college football in the states i think he would been better prepared at the pro level the cis he didnt see the hitting that alot of these ncaa guys got…jessee in longterm is a waste of money a non import would be better suited for this position…he was signed just to fill stands he is a risk