Lumsden to be an Argo?

I agree, as much as I love Jesse's style and speed, Hamilton is at the bottom of the league and having him on the sidelines isn't helping. Hamilton showed they can take on the best without him and we (Hamilton) have to stop thinking with our hearts and give kudos to those on the field who slugged it out yesterday to show the entire league we are still a threat. I was amazed at what I saw yesterday and so was a lot of Al's fans. I enjoyed watching Jesse's dad play and was born and raised in Burlington but business is business.

here's a thought. Buy out Casey and give the savings to Jesse. Yes, his contract should be tied into minutes played. How many times have we seen him dress, play a few plays and then stand and watch. When he actually is on the field, the performance is there.
Please, please, please, anywhere but Toronto.

Redundancy at position is important in this league. I think you will see a concerted effort to sign Jessie in the offseason. A healthy Lumsden AND Keith in a backfield is a nightmare for any opposing D coordinator. Unfortuneately the Casey Printers experiment seems to be a failure in Hamilton. I expect that he won't be back next year. Porter has stepped up and would seem to have the chops to play. I think you will see him finish the rest of the starts this season.

So with the money saved by letting go Printers, they should be able to put that towards signing Jessie. I think Terry Caulley will be traded for O line help.

Not bad options for the Cats.

I wonder how many members of the ticats coaching staff focused too much of their energy setting up an offence tailor made for Lumsden and his abilities.

I wonder how many of them were let go because they didn’t have a good plan B.

Like most of you, I agree that Lumsden has outstanding ability.

But, maybe the coaching staff should focus more on the other players we have, and make Lumsden the plan B.