Lumsden to be an Argo?

If you listen to Obie's comments and eveything that's been written in the papers it is all but certain that Jessie Lumsden will end up an Argo next year.

You heard it here first.

Pretty misleading post title.

Oskee-wee a rumour mongerer! :lol:

Jessie will go to the highest bidder

-Jessie's Daddy

I didn't hear Obie imply that he will be an Argo. He said they still intend to sign him, IF he chooses to come back. He doesn't know what Jesse's plans are.

Tone is everything, and Obie's tone was definitely one of mild frustration and definite resignation when it came to discussing Lumsden's decision to decline all contract extension offers from Hamilton so far.

Face it: unless we give Lumsden KK money, Lumsden is gone. Why? Lumsden and his Dad think he is the greatest player in the history of the CFL, and that he should be paid accordingly. I agree that Toronto will definitely throw big bucks at him, and that he could be an Argo. Wouldn't that be something?

Big bucks to probably essentially be a back-up tailback or full-time fullback. Hmmm... I'd love to see KK and JL in the same backfield with JL as a fullback. But he wants too much money and it won't happen I guess.

Never,he will be a eskie. And then we can get rid of printers and the money save will get us a o-line.

Lumsden could be going to the Bills!!

Your joking, right??

The only way Jessie should be paid, is per game. That way he can demand big money, but he only gets paid if he stays healthy.

where ever he signs the contract should be geared to performance..The more he plays the more money he gets. less if you are injured

My 1st choice is to see Jesse in the black and gold. 2nd choice would be to see him in the double blue.
If he ends up on that green and yellow team he'll be one of the players i love to hate.
He's one of the most exciting players in the CFL and I'm confident he will overcome this
injury bug.

You're making me sick to my stomach!....stop it! Then every time the ticats play the argo's I
will be rooting for the argo's. We must keep KK and Lumsden no matter what it costs.

Lumsden will go wherever he can get the most money; he has stated as much.

I like him as a player-- when he's healthy-- and hope he stays that way and stays in Hamilton. But I doubt he'll stay healthy; his record suggests the opposite.

Given his record of frequent injuries, he may be disappointed at what he can get elsewhere. Someone might be foolish enough to pay him a fortune; I hope Obie et al are wise enough to restrain themselves in any future contract offer.

If he goes elsewhere, I don't care whether it's to Edmonton, Toronto, Montreal, Buffalo or the Arena League, I'm a Ticat fan.



I don`t know how much Jesse can demand, considering the amount of games he has played. If another team is willing to pay him a fortune, they can have him.

He won't get close to what he demands, all his offers will be incentive based offers based on how much he plays and produces. He's way too much of a risk for any team to sign to a straight big money deal.

All his offers will be in the 100k range at the most with the potential to be in the 250-300k range if he can stay healthy and get 2000 yards.

I doubt he'd ever sign a contract that was based on pay-per-game. The Argos tried to sign Matt Dunigan to a contract that paid him based on games played after the 1991 season. Dunigan thought the Argos were crazy. Why should he sign a deal that's putting all the risk on the player and none on the team? (He said this in his book "Goin Deep", good book by the way.) So anyway, Dunigan started shopping himself around the league and finally he signed with Winnipeg and he led them to Grey Cup appearances in 92 and 93.

So I'm sure Jesse will not sign some incentive-only contract.

First of all Lumsden wont be going to the Bills...the NFL has tons of Lumsdens and the Bills already have Lynch.
How fast we forget how good this guy is and what he has brought to this team....I do agree he sure gets injured a lot but look how he plays the game.He didn't have the luxury of a great O line opening up all these holes for him....anything he got he earned.He plays hard and he will get injured,,,,how about Terry Caulley he is done for the do we know what his track record will be like...should we get rid of him to.....and to make comment about his dad Neil....who was one of the best ever in this is hard to comprehend that people who make those comments really know this game at all.It is really too bad that all of us sitting here using a keyboard could not go out on the field and show them how it should be done.At this time I do not believe that Kenton Keith is any better than Lumsden and I guess we will have to wait and see what happens with him.If anybody watched the Colts and Chargers last year in the divisional game then you will know why Kenton is back here.
When Jesse was all that we had I did not hear people saying that we need to trade him....lets hope that he can get healthy and remain healthy and stays a Ticat.

Lumsden is a great player, no doubt about it.
Still young and a little full of himself, not much but enough. Legend in his own mind? Doesn’t understand that you have to create a legend before you can become one, just ask his dad.
He should lose the image, the hair, the tattoos and his newly acquired motorcycle license, probably the Harley is next. And just concentrate on playing football, listen to the coaches, try to avoid getting hurt.
Hope he sticks around though, Keith and Lumsden were meant to be in the backfield together. Can’t see him getting huge money from anyone, not enough legend yet.
He should probably hire Printers manager, he could probably do a really good selling job on someone.