Lumsden the... RB / TE / SB

just thought I'd get some opinions on this

I think Jesse is a deadly weapon on offense, and hes proven he can catch a pass and block, so I think TE would be a nice fit for him, would probably keep him healthy for longer periods of time

But tossing him out at slot would make our receiver core that much stronger

and well we have all seen what he can do at running back, but he can't seem to stay healthy at this position

um runningback, Because thats the position at which he averages over 7 yards per carry when he his healthy and getting the ball 20 times.

Oh yeah....If he's healthy

60% said tight end? Why don't we just make him a pilon at practice because that's what a tight end in the CFL is.

No Idea what to do with him.
He just can't stay Healthy.
Maybe with should just Trade Him

You know the guy hurt his ankle. big deal. He hurt his shoulder last year. Players get hurt live with it. Printers played what 2 games last year and got hurt. He's now hurt again but I don't see threads saying we should move him to defensive halfback or, better yet, trade him because he's injury prone. He's the most exciting and one of the best players in the league. Let him play

if you cant see that hes injury prone than theres somthing wrong with you. he didnt just get injured once or twice or four times.

and this poll needs more options like rb, or trade him.

the title says it all

I'll vote for "traded." This guy could be an important player in the rebuilding process. He has talent.

However, he lacks the constitution to play pro ball: "The Brittle Bengal" as Ken Peters should call him.

Lumsden = biatch.