Lumsden the Most Dominant Canadian Player Ever?

I know some people don't like Marty York but he's had some good football articles lately. This is his latest, he states that Jesse is the most dominant Canadian ever!!

He very well could be, but being constantly injured will not help his cause.

If Marty wrote this 5 years from now, maybe. As it is, this is way too premature. Marty is hallucinating again.

I find it insulting to a lot of great Canadian players of the past. I wonder if Russ Jackson reads Marty's stuff?

An Argo-Cat fan

Russ Jackson...If Jesse plays another 10-15 years, and averages at least 14 games a season, maybe, and just maybe he'd be close to Russ. I knew York was a dork, but please...

If you read Marty's article he says Jesse is the "the most dominating Canadian running back in CFL history." (My underlining.)

He may well be someday but not yet. As for greatest Canadian to play in the CFL I would definitely vote for Hamilton's own born and raised Russ Jackson.

mikem: Marty was referring to the most dominating running back, not the most dominant Canadian.
I think Jesse will end up with that honour if injuries don't shorten his career.
But on a career basis right now I would vote for Ronnie Stewart.
I am keeping my fingers crossed for Jesse. If he keeps healthy for the rest of this season, I think he will have shown us enough to warrant Marty York's title.
My vote for the most dominating Canadian right now would be Russ Jackson but again...Jesse could change that opinion too.

I prefer to wait until the sunsets on Jesse's great career, before I decide on this one!!!

I hope he can play for a long while, and stay clear of that injury bug that has harrassed him in previous years/games... If he does, he may just very well be the most dominant Canadian to play in our league...

Way too early to even talk about this....

Tons of potential...but at least for me "greatest" also means that the stats are consistant over a reasonable amount of time.

No doubt, if he stays healthy and can keep this pace, then there will be no doubt at all.

That's the problem when people start to pick their 'best ever' lists. Memories are usually too short to give those from the past their due.

Lumsden has shown us a lot of promise and is an exciting player to watch. He is the type of player and personality that will help bring more fans to the league.

But I'm going to wait until Jessie has a few more seasons under his belt, and perhaps a Grey Cup ring or at least an appearance, before I will start to consider him one of the greats of the league.

Jesse made a good point last night on OTR concerning injuries and being 'injury prone'. He's right when he says he's only had one major injury in his career, which forced him to sit out 8 games. Other then that, it's been very small nick-ups and there haven't even been too many of those.

I think to qualify as dominant you at least need to be able to complete a full season at the position. Otherwise i think you have been dominated.

ALot is made about Jesse's injuries. But c'mon. He's missed one game this year. Relax. If he misses one game per year, so what? Yes, he missed eight games last year - due to a separated shoulder. Geez, give him a break. Injuries happen. He hasn't had any other major injuries. Give him a chance.

Russ Jackson was the greatest Canadian. But when it comes to Canadian RB's, Jesse is it. Time will prove it.

a lot has been made about JL's injuries. He was injured in his last year at Mac. He was injured in both of his two NFL training camps, the first in Seattle I think was very costly to him. He was injured last year with the Cats. Now last year's injury was the first "major" one, but, that doesn't really matter why you are not playing. He get injured, as in unable to play...a lot. There really isn't anything you can do about is what it is. To say people lay off Jesse for being injured....well maybe they should, but, we are going to have to get used to the fact that this will likely be the pattern of his career.

He is just such an exciting, dynamic runner that when he gets injured, you just can't replace that element. Caulley and Smith are talented and each bring things to the table, but, you just can't replace guys like Jesse.

Name the last running back that Cats had where you sit on the edge of your seat with each carry he going to break this one for a big gain. I can't think of one back the cats have had since maybe Johnny Sheppard where I actually thought the back could break a big one at any time.

A little premature to say Jesse is or will be the greatest Canadian in the CFL all time.
Even just at RB he has to string some great seasons together to be classed as the greatest.
But he has the potential.
Right now I think Lionel Conacher has the crown.

While Ronnie Stewart was a great running back, the best Canadian running back in CFL history has to go to Normie Kwong who rushed for over 9,000 yards (four 1,000 yard seasons in a row) in his 13 year career. Stewart who played 13 seasons as well, rushed for under 6,000 yards and had only one 1,000 yard rushing season. I love Lumsden but he has a long way to go to catch up to Normie Kwong. I hope he can stay healthy and do it.

Every time Jesse gets the ball i`m on the edge of my seat . He is the most exciting player since Winfield .

He makes a 5 yard run exciting because you know if he breaks free he`s gone . You dont get the mixture of power and speed  that he gives you very often .

I hope they throw him the swing pass more often and if they have the other recievers spread out enough he gets his one on one with a LB and you know he`s dangerous when that happens .

He`ll have to keep this dominence up for a while to be in the same breath as a Jackson , Gabriel , Dipeitro ect... but man he`s VERY GOOD and he`s a marketers dream !!!!

Marty was talking about the most "dominant" Canadian running back.

Normie Kowng is now the Lieut. Gov. of Alberta. A step down from his great CFL days as the China Clipper I'd say. :lol:

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Troy Davis...

Hmmmm...TD was a great back. I loved him as RB and was disappointed when they let him go. I didn't believe that Jesse could fill his shoes...I was wrong. Troy was a workhorse, a great every down back that would pound the defense, but he wasn't a big play guy with break away speed.