Lumsden Struggling

Lumnsden has suffered a hip flexor and missed an exhibition game against Cincinatti.It appears he is not going to make the club as an offensive back at least as a starter.He is competing with another Canadian who has NFL experience for a spot on special teams.

Don't count Lumsden out yet. No report has come out yet about the severity of the injury. For all we know he just tweaked it and could be back next week. Remember hassall that he has impressed the Redskins so far.

cinci game is on tonite at 8 did he miss a game that hasn’t been played yet??

game was at 5 wasdnt it?

Clinton Portis injured .... good news for Mike Sellers and Jesse!!

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The game started @ 8:00, and is on TSN.
As for Lumsden sturggling hassal, the reports that have been posted here will beg to differ:
Lumsden Makes Impression In Scrimmage
Leading the way on the ground was running back Jesse Lumsden


News & Notes: Lumsden, Jacobs Out vs. Bengals

Thanks .... go Mike Sellers, I guess

Now another Redskins back gets hurt

Ex-SeaHawk Kerry Carter

maybe the skins could take a look at corey holmes and julien radelin , since they aint being used properly in steeltown, and since paopao has a vendetta against them and wont use them.

??? r u dumb ???