Lumsden Starts

Lancaster just told the Fan 590 that Lumsden will be starting in Edmonton this week. Holmes and Ranek are out. Davis tweeked his hamstring last game (he will still play some downs). Go Lumsden Go.

Then it was a great time to sign him, on both sides of the deal.

So the top 3 RBs all get hurt and they have to use their 4 RB. That is really a point of desperation.

Some would say that they are going to use their new #3 or #2 RB...

Lumsden isn’t their 4th string. He would normally be their 2nd. It’s a matter of his knowledge of a playbook.

Looking forward to it....Lumsden can sure bring it!

i cant wait to see him play Friday night . You non belivers better be watching too .... I just hope we arent as banged up on the O line as they were the other night /

Hey Miller, you're back!

Carve your own path this time, Miller91

Stay apart from the crowd.

Ya baby, sweet homecoming for Jesse. Run Lummer Run.

Hopefully the blocking up front will be decent with Hudson and Cheron out. Give Jesse a bit of a hole and he will bust through at times for some nice gains. He'll be ready to go and give 'er, I'm sure he is anxious for some live game action.