Lumsden Sitting Out Calgary Game

Obie says Lumsden will miss this week's game in Calgary so that he can rest his strained knee ligament and be ready for the home game against Edmonton. Terry Caulley will take his place in the line-up, only problem being, what import will sit out so that Caulley can play.

Don't like this at all...being a rider fan and a closet Ti-cat fan i wanted to see you spank the stamps...gonna be hard...if not impossible without Lumsden

Wow, this is terrible news. Caulley will probably gain 100 yards but he's not the big play guy that Lumsden is. It's unlikely that we'll beat the Stamps without Jesse; a lesser team maybe, but the Stamps are the best team in the league this year. I have to think we'll lose this one unless printers can throw for 400 yards.

With Lumsden being a starting non-import RB this really screws up the roster big time. I think they are left with basically two choices: 1.) Sit Scott Mitchell and start Bauman at SB, with only O'Neil Wilson as the back-up receiver or 2.) Sit Darrell Adams who has a bum knee anyway and replace him with Jermaine Reid (as a back-up D-lineman), which means non-import Clinton Wayne would have to start at defensive tackle. They were originally going to replace Adams with Charlton Keith, but the Lumsden injury may force them to change their plans.

Well, we'll have one Canadian starting at receiver at least. So Bauman and Woodcock can start. As long as they "start", it doesn't mean that all the starting non-imports have to be on the field at the same time, does it? I don't think we have to clear a roster spot because we have three Canadian receivers who usually dress anyway, so I don't think it should upset the roster.

This really pisses me off, this kid is so good, yet he can't stay healthy, I want to see 18 games out of him, I don't care if he's feeling some pain right now, everybody does, you don't even have to start him. just give him the rock 5 or so times, don't take him out completely. If he's hurt enough to miss one game, he's hurt enough to miss more, and I'm going to take a guess and say that this "sprain" could quite easily become a "tear" mid-week next week.

Well, I think the only thing that could make my day worse is if someone kicked me square in the nuts.

Thanks for the great news!

Let's let Jesse heal up so he's 100%.
The season is long and there is no use aggravating a injury. Cauley is a more than capable back and if he plays me thinks he's going to have a big game.
With Tre Smith and Cauley, we'll be fine.
The challenge will be to stop Burris. :cowboy:

I think this is the equivalent to Santa losing Rudolph, how else would he and the other reindeer be able to see through the dark & the fog, in an attempt to reach their goal… Okay, so maybe it’s not so much like that, but still… Seeing your favourite player hurt, again, is so frustrating.

Wow, amazing how optimism could turn to pessimism so fast.

Look, this is not the end of the world. In fact, this is no big deal really. It will effect our game plan no doubt. But we have more depth at RB then any other team. We start Caulley and Tre in the backfield and we will be fine. I'm interested to see how Tre will play when he gets all the snaps! I predict 100+ yards.

Tough luck, but hopefully Jesse is getting the bad luck out of the way early. In the mean time, it will not be the "Lumsden and Printers Show" this Thursday.. so here is Casey's chance to earn his half million with Lumsden's replacement. It's a good oportunity for him to excel and showcase his multi-faceted abilities. I hope he has a great game.

...this is one heck of an opinion....incorrect as it is, it just shows how brutal fans today are. Jessie is good but he's not a god. Caulley can & will be successful if he plays & he's more than capable of doing what Jessie has done. As long as the O-line does for him what they've been doing the past 2 weeks there will be no issues.


They have to start and play a minimum of seven non-imports. For the Saskatchewan game those seven were: Hage, Hudson, Woodcock, Lumsden, Piercy (or Bauman when he came in) McKay-Loescher, and Mariuz. Some non-import will have to start instead of Lumsden. The bigger problem is what import they have to sit out so Caulley can play.

8) I think we will be just fine with Caulley and Smith as our running backs !!! Both are blessed with outstanding speed and quickness and can hit the hole quickly !!
As mightypope says, the biggest problem is what import has to sit out to accomodate them both.  I would imagine it would have to be a wide receiver or an Off. Lineman, such as Cvaka and replacing him with possibly Dyakowski !!!!!         <!-- s:roll: -->:roll:<!-- s:roll: -->

Most likely Dyakowski will move back to RG and Cavka will back up Thomas at tackle.

kinda suprised to read that some give us no chance against the stamps without jesse. We have awesome rb depth remember? caulley can run great and tre smith is great also. Jesse is the best but we dont lose the game on this and if we do then get rid of tre smith or caulley then, cus they cant get it done. I for one think they can and we dont lose that much, but we are better with jesse. I just think that jesse as a ratio buster is a non factor unless his backup is canadian also cus an injury can happen at any time and if your backup is american then there goes the ratio buster. Jesse is the best rb we have, but there is nothing wrong with the other two guys.

I would think that Caulley is very anxious to get in this game, its his big chance,maybe his only chance to show us what he has this year and i'm hoping he will be great.

We could substitute Eddie Cohen for Jason French.

Losing Lumsden is a huge disadvantage to a team that is struggling for every win they can get. And while the team is much better with him in the game, it is also much harder for the opposition to key on the passing game when the running game is so explosive. In saying that however, it will be interesting to see how the Cats perform without Lumsden or the threat of Lumsden. I think Caulley and Smith can get the job done and they might even surprise a few people because the Stamps defence will not expect it. I am more interested in seeing how Casey and our receivers step up to the challenge. if nothing else, it will make the game interesting.

Lumsden hurt again, you have got to be kidding me, I read in the paper today he would play on Thurs