Lumsden should ask for a trade

all this guy does is produce quality positive yardage and do we take advantage of this..NO..whoever is calling the plays..charlie ..oc..guys in section 8.. should give their head a shake...not only would we grind it out on the ground, we would give the d a break and we might just finish up a few more drives..jesse you should get out of dodge as soon as you can, this place is a creer wrecker.

I thought that the use of Lumsden was effective last night. The offence took a few series to get settled and then they made some good runs-blocks were good as was the running by Lumsden. My guess is they will continue to look at ways for Lumsden and Holmes to get more touches out of the back field.
A definite improvement of the offence tonight.

remember they were playing an 0-2 team...we'll see next week how good that offence is against the premier team in the league....your two best offensive players are lumsden and holmes..they should be getting the majority of the touches.

Did you watch the Toronot gmae?

The O-line coulnd't do the job. Jesee was hit continaully in the backfield.

Fifteen games to go this season. Plenty of time to improve.

have you heard of a swing pass?

Yup, saw plenty last night to Holmes who turned the corner quite effectively.

first tennant of football...get the ball to your best players as often as possible if you want to succeed.

Holmes had two catches.what a waste1

I was a little surprised by how often Holmes wasn't on the field. But the offence moved the beall well up until the end.

You talk about grinding the game out, which works fine... when you're winning. We were playing from behind all game. Lumsden was used quite well last night.

jesse should be getting at least 15-20 touches a game and i think you'll see some different results

Damn, you found us out... well, we also choose who plays QB, so you're all wastin' your time with all this Chang talk. :wink:

ok coach..

Wow, you know what you call a guy who asks for a trade because he is producing and the rest of the team isn't?

You call him unemployed thats what you call him. Football is a huge team sport, I guarentee Jesse is not crying in his gatorade after the game thinking "I am carrying this team". He is a team player he fights hard for every yard he gets and does it not for himself but for his team and the fans. The team is in a slump, a very long one and I am sure his play only helps the team. Geez, Lumsden should as for a trade....have you ever played a team sport ?

do you think professional athletes are about team? have you got rocks in your head...EVERYBODY takes care of number1 first and if you think otherwise your a fool.

Good grief...another one.

Haha you make me laugh..This isn't Tennis champ this is football and thinking of #1 gets you canned, the term "There is no "I" in team" has never been so evident than in professional football..There are no standouts no one player makes a team

The QB is nothing without his receivers and vice verca
The RB is nothing without his QB giving him the ball
The Offence is nothing without the defence and vice verca

Everyone on a football team needs their respective teammates to succeed in the game..

Take a closer look at sports..

I liked the way they used Jesse as a decoy afew times. It gave Maas a couple of nice chances to throw for first downs. If you just go to the hand off to Lumsden or throw to him outside to generate yards, most Defences are gonna shut that down pretty fast. They mixed it up pretty good I thought.

hey steeltown put your 20 yr old highschool play book away and listen to some advice..take your bank card withdraw some cash and buy yourself a clue will ya

dare i say with his pedigree lumsden is the CATS meow :oops: :oops: