Lumsden Scheduled for a MRI???

Read on Cat-Chat at the Spec's web site that Lumsden is going for an MRI for his knee. Anyone else hear anything?

he is wearing a brace and is questionable for this weeks game.
per chml website.

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doesnt it take like a year to get an mri?

jesse has a frequent user card. One more click and his next ones free. I think he goes state side for it but you can buy them here in a day if you want.


If it were "serious" Jesse wouldnt be walking on it.
If Jeese and Taaffe even thought it was serious they wouldnt have him at practice in full view so that Kenny can blab it to the known world-especially Calgary.

Just couldnt sit on that story until the MRI came back?

You're my journalistic hero, Kenny. :thdn:

Good news we still have 2 Good Backups at Running back.

Bruise or strain? "hit to the knee"

He has had knee trouble before and I am not sure if he has had surgery? they probably just want to take a look for precaution and he is questionable only on an mri showing trouble probably. Two days isnt much time for deep knee bruise to feel better anyways and i would rather they look at it then let him tough it out to find out its a serious problem. Its the safe way to go.

That’s what I was thinking as well. Can’t be that serious.

Reporting now at such a early and specualtive stage serves no purpose other than maybe justifying his rambling blog.

And the blog's screaming headline is borderline irresponsible.

Agree with Zontar....although I'm not sure if the same rules apply to the Blog, but Ken doesn't write the headlines that go in the actual sports section of the paper.

So, the headline would be irresponsible on the Spectator's behalf if Jesse is indeed healthy.

With Jesse MRI stands for Multiple Runningback Injuries.

Just a thought... Maybe Jesse & Charlie are spreading some misinformation. Seeing as Jesse was scheduled to have a break from practice anyway, they could have dressed him up in the knee brace & paraded him in front of Ken, knowing the info would wind up in the blog, in order to throw off Calgary's preparations.

Ah, how I love conspiracy theories!

Surprise, surprise, surprise. Despite what Jack Layton and other liberal/socialists claim, Canada has always had two tier health care.



jesses on pace for over 2000 yards rushing this season...this will ruin that...crap!

Terry Caulley, who is no slouch, will run the rock with Trey Smith vs. Calgary.

That`s too bad.

But we do have two solid backups and it is better to be safe than sorry. I hope Lumsden has a quick recovery.

I’m a big Terry Caulley fan but we need all the offense we can get. Calgary’s gonna put up some big points and we need match them TD for TD and then some. The thing with Jesse is that he could potentially bust any touch to the endzone. Not so much with Caulley and Smith. No disrespect to these two backs who are both very good, but the pass game will have to be top-notch if we are to beat an offensive powerhouse like Calgary. Our defense is in for a long day.