Lumsden = Rushing Champ in 2010?

Is this the season that a Canadian is going to win the rushing title in the CFL?

Last we saw he was Left Under Medical Supervision in Dreary Edmonton Nightly but will he bounce back?

I'm assuming this is all in jest. If Lumsden plays more than 9 games I'll eat my hat.

Nice acronym too. :thup:

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I'm not making this stuff up folks! This is genuine! lol

Neil Lumsden's son sure could win it. Orville Lee's son won't be ready for that yet.

If any one from around here would not be glad to see Jesse win
the rushing title, Rusty25, I don't understand their reasoning.

Why would I care if Lumsden won the rushing title? I didn't like him when he played here, why would I care for him now?

Ill second that.
I hope a ti cat wins the title, not someone who can never stay healthy.

Lumdsden has a good shot at winning the title if he can remain healthy.

I would be very surprised if he passes his medical going into training camp

I would'nt be shocked if he never carries a ball again...

All the best to Jesse’s health and I hope he is able to return and play well, except agains’t us of course!

Rusty and Blogskee:

Quit bashing Jesse Lumsden.
The guy has a big heart and puts out a great effort every time he is on the field. He has injury problems but that does not take away from his character...which is really what matters.
I'm sure no-one feels the disappointment about this situation more than Jesse.
Sitting in front of a computer in a comfortable chair criticizing him for getting injured is pathetic. :thdn:

It's not bashing the guy, it's stating facts.

I've never seen anyone with his talent go through this, hopefully he gets to have one healthy season in the cfl, he's probably the only canadian who has a chance at the mop award if he does.

Any of the posters might be right.

Jesse might never play again. He might play a bit or a lot and get injured.

He might stay healthy and do great things.

I never liked JL as a football player....that is well documented. IMO he was overated (as far as hype vs. acheivement) and one dimensional. That being said, he was a huge talent and definitely good for our league.

JL has done little or nothing to indicate that he we be an elite RB this year....realistically speaking, the goal is to get healthy, remain healthy and put up CONSISTANT numbers.

Maybe then we can talk about him in the same sentence as Reynolds, Reid, Cobourne and Whitlock

I think Als4ever is about right. I never disliked JL, but always thought the hype about him far exceeded his performance, which generally seemed to follow a pattern of one great game followed by a decent game followed by many missed due to injury.

If he manages to return and play well for a full season, I'd be very surprised though happy for him. I think it more likely he will play little this year. If he decides to retire I won't be surprised.

So does every other running back, its an 8 team league...

Stating a fact is one thing, but when you keep stating that fact over and over and over again when he hasn't even been on our team for a whole season is a little much. People are bitter. We get it.

Am I disappointed with the way it went with Lumsden? Of course I am. I had high expectations and he couldn't stay healthy and that was too bad. I can't understand why anyone wouldn't like him though. He was always very personable and did his best. I can't ask for anymore than that.

He signed here, they used him a lot for media stuff and ticket sales and he kept getting hurt and didn't work out. Get over it already.

I also want a Ticat to win the rushing title.

This. Lumsden played his heart out for us and was one of the few good players on this team for several seasons. It's not his fault he ran into injury problems, and IMO it's a real shame he did because he had the talent to be one of the best. The CFL lost out big time in losing a player of Lumsden's calibur. IMO he's the most talented running back I have seen in this league, he had the ability to take over a game and make something out of nothing -- an ability I don't think any of the CFL's current RBs have.

I think his career is effectively over and it's a real shame.

IMO he's the most talented running back I have seen in this league, he had the ability to take over a game and make something out of nothing -- an ability I don't think any of the CFL's current RBs have.

Talent, to me, for a running back is more than just being able to go the distance, it's about grinding for 6 yards when 5 yards was there and ability to catch the ball out of the backfield, blocking, picking up reads etc. Jesse had the game breaking ability but needed work on other aspects of his game to be a great running back as it would go down in history. Unfortunately his time was short due to injuries and probably won't be able to return to a high level again. But I just can't say he was the most talented running back I've ever seen in the CFL. It's like a batter in baseball with a 400 average who only was at the plate 50 times. But potentially the back with the most yards rushing in a career, Jesse had the potential to be that, no question, a superior high level beast of a runner.

Often the grind-it-out running is more a function of line play than anything else. I also think it's an exaggeration to say that Lumsden couldn't get you 4-6 yards with consistency -- he put up those numbers behind terrible o-lines and on teams where he was pretty much the only player worth keying in on.

Lumsden is a good RB when healthy.

To me it’s not worth the risk as he has played in the CFL for 5 seasons and hasn’t played a full season. 2 of those years he tried out in the NFL and sure enough, got hurt at both tryouts.

The big problem is that you have to make sure of the ratio when he gets hurt. He plays a position that is not usually played by a Canadian. You either have to have a Canadian to replace him or you have to swap out a receiver or lineman.

If he was healthy and played 15 games per year, it’s not a problem. But making sure you are covered when he gets hurt causes problems and it’s not worth the hassle for 5 games that he plays.