Lumsden proved he needs 20+ touches a game...NO questions

Jesse Lumsden is a often do we see a great game followed by too few touches the next game? 189 yds rushing is big in the CFL and he looked strong, quick and elusive in one package...PLEASE remember this next game...dont leave this kid wanting touches.

We also don't want to get this guy hurt.

He is healthy and injury is not what we should worry about just go out there and play football and make the right calls to win games and the right call is to get jesse the ball.

Gotta get a deal done with him soon. If he continues like this and no deal is done it could become a distraction and the price will continue to rise. Gotta lock him up long term.

The "o" line must have done a terrific job blocking, our backs had some big holes to run thru against a veteran defence and yes Jesse is very special!!

argos go with three man front and once belli is outta there it becomes easier to run. Argos let you have four or five yards on the ground and count on great pass defence and bend dont break philosophy. Tonight it didnt work, jesse was able to beat the lbs a few times for big gains and it was fun to watch

I agree he needs 20 touches if the ground game is working, if the D is stacked up against it go to something else. Last night it worked because of balance with the pass, all those 10 yard passes on first down really losened up the defence.

When they lined Jesse up as a wide receiver it made me think about some interesting possibilities. If DLs and LBs can rarely tackle him one on one, is there anyone else who thinks that your average CB will not be thrilled to see him lined up against them?

That would be an ideal recipe for a gameplan EACH game...however, one has to be flexible. Whatever is working, you go with.

He needs the carrying reps to get into a groove, no question. The objective is clearly to develop the play action game as a complement if the running attack is working. If we can get defences to overcommit to stopping Lumsden, then you will see the same success with bootleg action as we saw against the Blue Team last night.*

    • actually, I`m watching the game ASAP Friday afternoon. LMAO :wink:

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